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America Vetoes (2)
An Award from Israel

7 February 2012

Israel: Thanks for giving us a licence to kill
Susan Rice: No worries. We are doing all we can to ensure your security while you are doing the killing.

Susan Rice's service to the rich and powerful 1% has paid off. December 16, 2011, she received Israel Annual National Service Award by the Jewish Conference.

Please note one thing she mentioned in her acceptance speech:"We (Obama regime) have increased cooperation between our militaries to unprecedented levels. That's why, even in these tough fiscal times, we've increased foreign military financing to record levels. That's why we've also included additional support for the lifesaving Iron Dome anti-rocket system -- which saw action just days ago in defence of innocent Israelis who live near the Gaza frontier."

Here is a video footage showing how innocent Israeli illegal Gaza settlers are:

Israeli Settlers brutality against local Palestinian children

Palestinian Children in the rural village of battue speak of their encounters with violent Israeli Settlers in the South Hebron Hills of Occupied Palestine.

And Rice added, "If you ask members of the uniformed military of Israel or the United States, if you talk to leaders at the Kirya or the Pentagon, you'll hear the same assessment: the American commitment to Israel's qualitative military edge has never been stronger. That's a fact, plain and simple."

Here are videos offering the same plain and simple assessment on the uniformed military of Israel who demonstrated qualitative killing edge towards kids like their American counterparts in Iraq and Afghanistan:

israeli soldiers shot children while eating chocolate and chips

Israeli army using Palestinian children as Human Shields

The use of human shields has long been forbidden by international law under the Fourth Geneva Convention, so the Israeli soldiers have committed serious war crimes.

But now we have a bad news for her: for many Jews, Rice, like Obama, is still a black, thus can only live to serve them but won't be allowed to die with them:

Jews Refuse the Blacks to Bury Next to Them

OMG, that's outrageous, disgusting. This group of ousters of human domain would refuse me to join them, it is a travesty!

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