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America Vetoes (1)
on Behalf of Israel

7 February 2012

For nearly half a century, Israeli government has sustained a ground invasion of Palestine and other Arab territories. The international community has long agreed on a unified response, and frequently made an effort to bring pressure on Israeli leaders.

However, the United States repeatedly blocked all U.N. Security Council resolutions that would have condemned the Israeli government for violent attacks against the civilians.

We believe the world community has a duty to protect the Palestinian people from this abhorrent brutality, and it is disgusting that US government remains steadfast in its willingness to shield a craven tyrant regime.

But now we hear a black woman from the United States yelling out in the United Nation in her horrifically abhorrent voice that is brutally violent:

"First of all, we all felt that it was outrageous in any instance for rabbit and cat to veto a resolution," she says. "We'll have to see if rabbit and cat, when they feel the full weight of my outrage of response to their actions, change course (from a one to a four course meal?). His days are numbered [What a vicious woman! Did your grandfather's owner ever marked the days for him so you leaned the trick from his White master and now applies the technique to the people less powerful than you?]. There's no question that this regime cannot endure [Wish yours can endure beyond American Spring]. The only question is how many people will die before it ends [Good question. How many more people will have to die in Oakland demonstration, in Afghan raid, in Pakistan drone, in Libyan anarchy, in US supported Syrian riot and in CIA plotted Iran assassination?]."

"Is that many more Syrians, innocent Syrians, are going to be killed by their government," she asked the world, finally.

Oh, as if she really cares about human lives! Then which bastard kept vetoing the UN resolutions which were often just a political expression of support for the mankind's initiative and for the people in Palestine and the condemnation of Israel genocidal carnage?

the list of the recent U.S. Vetoes of UN Resolutions Critical of Israel


Date & Meeting


Condemns all Israeli settlements established since 1967 as illegal and calls for an immediate halt to all settlement building


Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Calls For Israel To Halt Gaza Operation


Vetoed 10-1 (US)

Calls For Israel To Halt Gaza Operation


Vetoed 10-1 (US)

Calls For Israel To Halt Gaza Operation


Vetoed 11-1 (US)

Condemns Israel for killing Ahmed Yassin


Vetoed 11-1 (US)

Seeks to bar Israel from extending security fence


Vetoed 10-1 (US)

Demand that Israel halt threats to expel Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat


Vetoed 11-1 (US)

On the killing by Israeli forces of several UN employees and the destruction of the World Food Programme (WFP) warehouse


12-1 (US)

Condemned acts of terror, demanded an end to violence and the establishment of a monitoring mechanism to bring in observers.


Vetoed 12-1 (US)

Call for UN Observers Force in West Bank, Gaza


Vetoed 9-1 (US)

Middle East: Demands that Israel cease construction of the settlement in east Jerusalem (called Jabal Abu Ghneim by the Palestinians and Har Homa by Israel), as well as all the other Israeli settlement activity in the occupied territories


Vetoed 13-1 (US)

Middle East: Calls upon Israeli authorities to refrain from all actions or measures, including settlement activities.


Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Middle East: Confirms that the expropriation of land by Israel in East Jerusalem is invalid and in violation of relevant Security Council resolutions and provisions of the Fourth Geneva convention; expresses support of peace process, including the Declaration of Principles of 9/13/1993


Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: NAM draft resolution to create a commission and send three security council members to Rishon Lezion, where an Israeli gunmen shot down seven Palestinian workers.


Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Deplored Israel's policies and practices in the occupied territories.


Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Condemned Israeli policies and practices in the occupied territories.


Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Strongly deplored Israeli policies and practices in the occupied territories, and strongly deplored also Israel's continued disregard of relevant Security Council decisions.


Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Draft urged Israel to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention, rescind the order to deport Palestinian civilians, and condemned policies and practices of Israel that violate the human rights of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories; (S/19780)


Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Occupied territories: Draft called on Israel to accept de jure applicability of the 4th Geneva Convention; (S/19466)


Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Lebanon: Draft strongly deplored the recent Israeli attack against Lebanese territory on 9 December 1988; (S/20322)

12/14/1988 Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Lebanon: Draft condemned recent invasion by Israeli forces of Southern Lebanon and repeated a call for the immediate withdrawal of all Israeli forces from Lebanese territory; (S/19868)

5/10/1988 Vetoed 14-1 (US)

Lebanon: Draft strongly deplored repeated Israeli attacks against Lebanese territory and other measures and practices against the civilian population; (S/19434)

1/18/1988 Vetoed 13-1 (US)

Libya/Israel: Condemns Israeli interception of Libyan plane. S/17796/Rev. 1.


Vetoed 10-1 (US)

Lebanon: Condemns Israeli practices against civilians in southern Lebanon. S/17730/Rev. 2.

1/18/1986 Vetoed 11-1 (US)

Occupied Territories: Calls upon Israel to respect Muslim holy places. S/17769/Rev. 1


Vetoed: 13-1 (US)

Lebanon: Condemns Israeli practices against civilians in southern Lebanon. S/17000.


Vetoed: 11-1 (U.S.)

Occupied Territories: Deplores "repressive measures" by Israel against Arab population. S/19459.


Vetoed: 10-1 (U.S.)

S. Lebanon: Condemns Israeli action in southern Lebanon. S/16732


Vetoed: 13-1 (U.S.)

Is that many more Palestinians, innocent Palestinians, are going to be killed by an invaded alien government?

Click to view more US vetoes on the Israel behalf at the expenses of innocent civilians around the world.

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