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Why China's State Media Defends Criminal Gangs and Smears National Heroes? (1)

8 December 2012

"When entering the foyer of the, I surprisingly saw a big welcome screen, ha ha, that is so sweat." ("上午刚刚进入《人民日报》社人民网前厅,猛然看到大屏幕,呵呵,太客气了。" )

This is a short message posted online by Mr Li some days ago which triggered a huge controversy in China's cyber community.

The People's Daily is supposed to be the government mouthpiece in China, so is its online platform, while Mr Li is a convicted criminal and disqualified lawyer, with the offences he confessed including but not limited to extortion, forgery and being a patron of China's illegal sex industry.

Li was arrested by Chongqing police when engaging in prostitution which is illegal in China

But now all of the sudden, Li filed a law suit against Chongqing Police force, accusing of persecution as being politically motivated.

It must be noted that at the time of his conviction, Bo Xilai was the chief of Chongqing metropolitan.

The watered no time to invite him to tell his story on state media before the case was formally reopened, and published an article attacking Bo Xilai with extremely offensive language that can only come out of the foul tongue of an abusive shrew.

Chinese public was outraged. Below are some typical online responses to the incident:

- Personal attack, hie? Is Mr Bo Xilai for a scum bag journalist like you to insult?

- How dare you bastard!

- Let's dig into the author's real identity and find out who is behind him/her.

- This article reminds me a similar one published on the same newspaper in 1976 smearing Premier Zhou Enlai.

- is a political whore.

- Wish Xi Jinping can make fixing the problems in as one of his top priorities.

- Do you know how many young fellows start to engage in politics because what happened to Bo Xilai? And how many people go to weibo for the first time just to voice their support for Bo Xilai? Tell you what, if this political persecution occurred in America where everybody can have a gun, Wen Jiabao's home would be exploded into pieces long ago!

- 不让人家讲话,自己却血口喷人,这与泼妇骂街何异!(坐隐06) (They refuse to let Bo Xilai speak out but keep digging dirt on him, they are just a bunch of shrews!)

- 致人民日报人民网 所有工作人员乃至各级领导:你们对待李庄一事,已经超出新闻工作的规则和新闻职业道德。李庄是曾被公安机关处理过,法律判决过有罪之人,在法院没有改判或裁定无罪前, 对于司法部门审理的案件不得在法庭判决之前作定性、定罪和案情的报道,更不能控制舆论导向 ,误导广大人民群众。 (我想逛逛街)

- 人可以无耻,但没见过象你们这么无耻的,作为一家党的机关报如此不负责任地造谣,其性质相当严重,混淆视听,想达到什么不可告人的目的?(有理说不通)

- 赵高重现.(农奴戟)

- 人民日报如今不干正事了! (真理与大炮)

- 人民日报堕落了 (刘继兴)

- 何止啊!(勇闖險途)

- 人民网已经不代表人民了,是挑拨离间,卖国求荣的少数汉奸嫡系,我们已经不信任他们了,他们打着红旗反红旗,恶意中伤人民好官别有用心.(鸭绿江达人)

- 人民网把李庄当爹,真他妈的是侮辱人民。 (新豪哥)

- 捧嫖客为座上宾 (静海心语)

- 人民网沦落成汉奸媒体,何其可悲与不可思议?! (太阳花归来)

According to the response to the article republished on a big online media, only less than 2.7% readers agreed what it said about Bo Xilai. In another survey by the same Website that has a strong anti-China & pro-Wen Jiabao stance, of 85,000 participants, 95% gave a thumb up to Chongqing's "Black Strike" (a campaign against organized crimes). On the other hand, Convict Li along with the state media attracted wide condemnations from China's cyber dwellers:

- 如果连此等恶棍都能翻案的话,那就是世界司法史上最大的丑闻,必将写入历史(123ch) (If a criminal like Li can overturn the guilty verdict, it must be the biggest scandal in world legal history)

- 国安部门也不敢查李庄的舅舅吗?这个流氓小人能在中国混,真的神了。当人民知道他舅舅是谁的时候,可能此人已经不在人世了,他知道的太多了。(pppp4444444) (All because Li has an uncle who has a connection to some political heavyweights)

- 寻花问柳的淫棍,敲诈勒索的讼棍,夸夸其谈的神棍,丧心病狂的恶棍,人民唾弃的光棍。---这就是真实的李庄 ! (残梦居士)

- 他手上只有一根讨饭棍 (我是一只仰望星空的猫)

- 讼棍一条!吃了原告再吃被告!(岭南越子)

- 李庄及其后台老大嫖娼可以,别人不行。第一爆料人朱瑞峰称他从“线人”处拿到包括雷政富在内的6个重庆厅级官员的不雅视频,4位高官还在位。李庄的意思非常明白,就是告诉另外4人,听不听我李庄的,你们看着办。所以我说律师党就是披着法律外衣的黑社会。(文化刀石)

- 作为重庆黑社会性质组织头目龚刚模的辩护律师的李庄,此前我们大家都不认识他,只是在12月13日才因为新闻报道其在履行业务中造假而一鸣惊人。据新闻报道,李庄的后台很硬,背景很深,很多侵吞、贪污国家巨额财富的贪污犯和黑社会都被李庄辩护的无罪释放,东北的庭审被李庄成功的拖了1年多而不了了之,成功案例不胜枚举,俨然是贪官和黑社会的大救星。李庄甚至言之凿凿说,说要组织一个“跨区域打捞队”,专门打捞黑社会和贪官。打捞队扬言自己有“不给钱肯定死,给钱就可以无罪释放”的能量,而且胃口很大,动辄收几百上千万元打捞费,把“5万元打平,10万元打赢”的全国律师潜规则远远的抛到了身后。(绝对温度)

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Bo Xilai (when working as China's Commerce Minister): China should use its own coals to produce electricity for its own consumption. Letting foreign multinationals to make profit out of China's precious resource is an act of selling national interest.

What Chinese Says

About What Bo Xilai Said:


此公时任商务部部长,他太明白必不为内外所容。(No wonder people in Washington and Chinese State Council have to destroy him at any cost)

What Chinese Says

About persecution of Bo Xilai:




What Chinese Say

About the NYT's Report on Wen Jiabao Family:


热烈祝贺中纪委扭腰分部对日伪汉奸黑二代的第二波轰炸展开!(Thank the New York Branch of China's Disciplinary Committee, you guys have done a marvelous job in exposing a genetically inherited hanjian!)


你不敢起诉人家,人家要起诉你了.(You dare not to file a defamation lawsuit against the NYT, now I'm afraid the NYT wants to sue you for defamation of its reputation.)





















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