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Chairman mao Is Watching
the Watchmen (3)
- Chongqing Mayor Sun Zhengcai

30 December 2012

At the moment, a stalemate has developed in China's cyberspace. The guerrilla fighters keep reposting online the images featuring He Ting's expensive watches, while He Ting and the gang that he belongs to and currently rules China's media sector keep deleting the posts.

Bright_02: Watchman He Ting has now gained a new nickname "Posts-deleter He Ting".

Scent: If he has nothing to hide and nothing to fear, he needs not to delete the posts.

Bottomline: If He Ting is not so reckless by working with [Wen Jiabao's] Guangdong media in their campaign of smearing Bo Xilai and his former officials, he may not be hated so much by the Netizens and his watches might not be exposed. This shall serve as a good lesson for those who hold public sentiment in contempt. [In 2012, elite dictatorship (also known as the Western Democracy) is gradually out of fashion and a mass democracy is into the scene with a big force. One either follows the trend and progress or gets slammed hard if going against the current - Multipletext]

But He Ting is not the only clown who leapt out attacking Bo Xilai's chongqing, nor is he the only high profile watchman freshly exposed. The vicious assault is orchestrated by the top level Chongqing government and China's State Council, and the latest identified watchman has an even more prestigeous profile. Yes, it is Chongqing Mayer Sun Zhengcai. This Monsanto man with a long track record of jeopardising national interest in exchange for personal gain is said to be the owner of TEN expensive brand watches.


Remember the above list? Yes, it's a list of some most audacious Chinese henchmen of US GM multinationals, and the guy second from the top left corner is the former Agriculture Minister Sun Zhengcai who introduced Monsanto to China after the GM giant arranged him to visit his son studying in the US in the name of a business trip. And now he is the boss of Chongqing.

2017: Sun is said to be tipped as a premier candidate on the 20th CCP conference.

***: Step Down, bastard Sun Zhengcai!

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