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Chairman mao Is Watching
the Watchmen (2)
- What Chinese Say about He Ting

30 December 2012

Below are more online messages about the watchman:

Wu: The video about Lei is illegally released to media through Watchman He Ting. He tried to curry favour with his boss [Monsanto's man/Chongqing new mayor Sun Zhengcai, and Sun Zhengcai's boss/GM Corp collaborator Premier Wen Jiabao - Multipletext] by framing Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun via Lei incident.

Martialgirl: That must fit the bill, as we know the video was purposely leaked by Chongqing police.

SoilderofMao: Who in the Chongqing police force received convict Li Zhuang when he went to Chongqing recently? It's not He Ting?

Song: I bet the one leaked the news to [hanjian media - Multipletext] Southern Weekend should also be He Ting.

NowNonOneDaresToFightCrimes: Wang Lijun fought against organized crimes so he had no brand watches; He Ting rehabilitated the criminals and backs the disqualified lawyer so he has many brand watches. [Is that as plain as a nose on your face in terms who protected people and who shields the criminals, and who must be a really corrupted man? - Multipletext]

Chongqinginfo: Chongqing residents, particularly ladies, please mind your personal safety when going out in public. Several nasty robbery incidents occurred at Sanxia Square. According to the local news, last week when a young woman did map search on her iPhone, a man pretended to be her partner and snatched the phone while crying "oh my dear, it was my fault, please forgive me." Lucky the woman learned some martial arts and overpowered the man. Yesterday I heard somebody's golden necklace was robbed there. I think I have to buy a small knife for self-defence, but my colleagues say it is not allowed by Chinese law. What I worry most is those child flower sellers. They are so young, and how come they are not in the school? And in such a cold weather, who force them to go out on streets peddling followers? Are they the kids snatched from their parents by human traffickers?

ChongqingHome: Now it becomes a frequent occurrence for bags to be cut or their zippers opened by chieves and items stolen when you are on bus or other crowded public places. It's particularly common in the recent couple of months - I personally witnessed five such incidents. I also have close associates becoming robbery victims.

Ocean123: This is the brilliant achievement of Watchman He Ting.

Not: When He Ting acts as the protective umbrella for the criminals, that is what the lives of the law-abiding residents become.

Reincanated: The criminal gangs returned and once again run the city.

Moonislikeahooker: Those who keep talking about political reform are in fact the same kind of people who ruined the current system with their criminal activities.

***: Recently a friend of mine went to Wutaishan Buddhist Mountain in Shanxi to burn incense and met a roaming Daoist there who is said to be an expect in face reading, so he showed the Daoist the photos of both former Chongqing official Lei [the man who was dismissed after the physically compromised photos featuring him and his mistress were leaked online, and the source that leaked the photo is now believed to be the new Chongqing police chief He Ting - Multipletext] and He Ting. Upon examination, the Daoist exclaimed in astonishment, "Both men are government officials and are corrupt due to the need of funding their extravagant lifestyle of drinking, fine eating and womanising, and will lose their job after some expensive personal items displayed in public". The Daoist is dead right: Lei has already fallen from grace, and the next to go shall be He Ting.

左传: 看这种脸就知道,此人酒色过度,生活糜烂。He Ting's face tells clearly that he is a man with a rotten life style.

季风增强: 这年头,好人被收拾掉,只好选个烂人上去。因为有良知的人,是不会愿意去纠正口碑好的前任的政策的。只好选个没善恶观的烂人去,才能搞掉前任受老百姓欢迎的政策。何挺就是个烂人,哪怕他说:重庆虽然治安良好,但是有些过头的政策需要调整。都表明他还有些良知。但是这个烂人整个睁着眼睛说瞎话。或者认为老百姓感觉到的良好社会治安,是权贵黑社会们眼里没有安全感的社会治安? The good guy was dismissed while the evil men are elected to rule Chongqing. He Ting is a true devil who smears a safe Chongqing under Bo Xilai's leadership while rehabilitates the criminal gangs and their litigators. Now Chongqing once again become a crime capital [as it once was when He Guoqiang and Wang Yang were the mayers - Multipletext].

WHH: 不要用选这个字,它不是人民选出来的,它是被其主子安插的.Do me a favour, don't use the word "elect". Nobody in Chongqing elected both He Ting and his boss Sun Zhengcai - they were promoted to the position by the big bosses in the State Council.

1, Chongqing Police Chief He Ting
2, What Chinese Say about He Ting
3, Chongqing Mayor Sun Zhengcai


Chongqing street on the night of December 24, 2012

Chongqing, that once one of the socially most secure cities in China when Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun were in the power, is now a police state under Monsanto ally Sun Zhengcai and criminal gangs' rehabilitator He Ting.

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