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Chinese Celebrate Chairman Mao's Birthday

28 December 2012

There was no official gesture to mark the birthday anniversary of modern China's founding father, Chairman Mao, but the memorial services organized by citizen volunteers took place across the nation.

The messages on the banners read: "Commemorate Chairman Mao", "Cleanup the CCP".

In Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province which is the birthplace of Chinese people's common ancestor Yellow Emperor and was a heartland of the Tang Dynasty, a dazzling peak in Chinese history, people braved the chilly weather on December 26 to gather in a park celebrating the 119th birthday of Chairmen Mao Zedong (Mao Tse Tung). They thank Mao for leading the people to save the country that was once so close to total integration, and for setting up the foundation for the modernization of the aging kingdom.

The words on the banner read "Cherish the memory of Chairman Mao and adhere to the path of getting rich together - a message by Guard Squad of Mao Zedong Thought, #8341".

8341 is a rather mysterious group of digits, which was initially the registration number of Mao Zedong's rifle. When entering Beijing after won the war against the Nationalist Party, he casually assigned this number to his bodyguard squad. It was only after his death, people realised the significance of this special number: the first two digits imply Mao's age when he died and the last two indicate the years when Mao was on the top power of the CCP, counting from an urgent meeting at Zunyi, Guizhou Province, in 1935 on which he was elected as the leader of the Party.

In Shenzhen, of Guangdong Province, the another kind of heartland of China's open-door-reform dash which is practically equivalent to foreign colonisation through privatisation, a self-assigned Internet Red Amy congregated in a public square to openly urge their countrymen to "support (Bo Xilai's) Five Chongqing Strategy and bring down the author of a lousy poem titled 'Looking Up to the Sky'."

Before a massive painting of Deng Xiaoping, who is said to be the designer of China's doorless gate, the Red Army from the virtual space raised solid portraits of Chairman Mao, the architect of a well-guarded independent China.

What Chinese Say

About Chairman Mao and Deng Xiaoping:

季风增强: 毛泽东纪念馆,献花的多达7000多万, 杨开慧上千万,毛岸英,毛岸青,贺子珍,毛泽民,毛泽覃都有几百万。邓居然只有100万。

In China's biggest online memorial hall at, there are 70 million tributes to Chairman Mao; even his first wife Yang Kaihui, his sons Mao Anying and Mao Anqing, his second wife He Zizhen and his brothers Mao Zeming and Mao Zetan all received millions. But Deng Xiaoping barely got 1 million.

zdy: 邓的100万里绝大多数是骂它而颂毛的。

Of 1 million, majority of the comments condemn Deng and praise Mao.

Multipletext: We believe Deng Xiaoping has made an enormous contribution to China's development and deserves more respect from his people, however, the harm he brought to China's socialist potential and civilizational tradition with his unprincipled and unethical Cats Theory is also colossal, while the commercial empire built by his wife and his offspring through questionable means and the dangerous power play still engaged in by this "elite family" having almost undone all good works that Deng ever did for China in his lifetime.

Peopleisnumberone: Sigh, after Chairman Mao passed away, the fairness and justice also left the world. Look at what China has now become: a land of porn, of gambling, of drugs, of AIDS, of GMO, of official corruption, of fake products, of criminal gangs, of the extreme rich and the extreme poor, of colonial economy, of resource exhaustion, of environment pollution, of failing to defend territory, of people's rights to be taken away ....

Mediarapepeople: During the first thirty years (under Chairman Mao's leadership), China was able to progress to become an industrialised nation from a country that was not even capable of producing a box of matches. Yet in the next thirty years without his guidance, we almost exhausted all our resources while we still don't have our own airplanes in the sky.

Wangpeifeng: What happened to Bo Xilai made me rethink the whole thing about Chairman Mao and reform. I should thank microblog for helping me to learn the truth from the opinions of many ordinary people. Otherwise I have no way to know the true story - all articles on the newspapers are full of lies.

Heartwhisper: Me too. Before Bo Xilai event, I never used microblog and never cared about politics.


During the memorial service organized by citizen volunteers, a beautiful rainbow miraculously occurred in the sky of Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province.


A Famous Couplet:

An elderly Chinese scholar:

If the sky is a chessboard and the stars are the pieces, who dares to enter the tournament?

Chairman Mao:

If the Earth is a harp and the roads are the strings, I shall play the music.

Chinese weibo user FAFTFATiii captured a scene of Shaoshan on the night of December 26, 2012, when attending a public memorial service at Chairman Mao's birth village.

On that special day when commemorating a historical giant, a special man who is viewed as the contemporary national hero is never far from people's mind. The message on a banner reads "forever support people's leader Bo Xilai."

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