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Chinese Celebrate China's Own Christmas on December 26:
The Holy Birthday of The Greatest People's Hero

26 December 2012

Yan Yong (闫勇) is a veteran composer and singer in China's music world. As early as in 1993 his first album "Never to Bow" (he must be a man with a spine truly made of steel) hit the shelves and sold 100,000 copies which made it as one of China's top-selling albums of that period.

Since the Salute Mao Zedong went online this year, just in one month, it generated millions of hits. Clearly, it is not only because the music mv is so brilliantly made, but also, and in fact more so, because it hits the right chored in the collective sentiment that is increasingly widely shared among the general Chinese population, especially the young and the musically active.

Chinese people is calling for a brave-hearted, sharp-minded and people-oriented leadership like what they observed in Mao Zedong. If they eventually realise they are not going to get it in the current line-up, we are pretty sure they will create it else where. And we believe people's patience begins to wear thin.

Below is the lyric in Chinese:








If a guy is condemned by everyone, this guy must have some problems; if a guy is praised by everyone, this guy must also have some problems. A real good person should be the one whom the good people praise while the nasty folks condemn.


-- Quote from Xuecheng 学诚, one of the most eminent zen masters of our time


Salute Mao Zedong

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