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China's GM henchmen Exposed

26 December 2012

A list of some most audacious Chinese henchmen of US GM multinationals is compiled by Chinese Netizens.

The man on the top left corner is the current Agriculture Minister Han Changfu whose famous quote "I don't know if GM food is safe" while promoting GM rice earns him the title "中国最坑爹的部长“(the most irresponsible Chinese minister).

The creature next to him is Han's predecessor, the former Agriculture Minister Sun Zhengcai who introduced Monsanto to China after the GM giant arranged him to visit his son studying in the US in the name of a business trip. When he became the provincial chief of Jilin in old "Manchurian" (a fake kingdom created by invaded Japanese army, including its bio unit 731), Sun went on to use imported US GM crops to replace the native ones (Is this part of the deal he made with his Monsanto patron?). And now he has been creepily appointed as the new Chongqing chief, and one of the first things he did after he entered his mayor's office was to invite GM troops to have a meeting in the city.

The thug next to Sun is the vanguard of US GMO colonization of China. Like what his Manchu forebears did during the WWII when they helped 731 to conduct bio test on Chinese, Bai Jinming's pioneering work eventually resulted a Golden Rice trial on Chinese children.

The forth guy on the third row is Li Jiayang,the US Bio corps' representative in Chinese government.

The female and the dark male shadow on the extreme right in the bottom row are Deng Nan, Deng Xiaoping's daughter, and Premier Wen Jiabao.

Of course, in our view, this list is incomplete .....

What Chinese Say

Mosquito: The director of China's GM committee Wu Kongming refused to taste GM rice and corn [Because he knows the food are poisonous? - Multipletext] The GM troops are China's version of Japanese 731 Unit.

The school children in Hengyang (衡阳), Hunan Province, were fed GM Golden Rice, irrigated with heavy water, without the knowledge of their parents.

The three mass murder scientists (科学杀手). Tang, the left, is from the United States, and the rest two are from China.

What Chinese Say

Chen Yiwen: All those who promote GM food in China, regardless if they are overseas Chinese or Chinese nationals, will all go down history as the ones committed genocidal crimes against Chinese nation. What they have done pose serious threat to public safety and they are a group of new age Nazis.

People in Shenzhen publicly protest the forced GMO consumption. The message on banner reads: GM Food Will Terminate Chinese Nation.

What Chinese Say

002: The top officials in government eat organic food cultivated in specially allocated farmlands while the rest in the country are forced to survive on GM food which purposefully damages Chinese people's reproduction system.

Island: Which crook introduced GM food into China?

HeartWhisper: Expose that human predator.

The messages on the banners: "Anti-GMO, down with traitors!" "Agriculture Ministry is the shame of the country and the disaster of the nation".


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