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A Christmas message from Julian Assange

24 December 2012

This is a message from Julian Assange - a leading warrior against the global dictatorship imposed at gunpoint by Washington, by Washington's puppet regimes in UK, in Japan and in many other countries, and by Washington's local collaborators in the governments of China, of Russia and of almost every nation in the world - was broadcast worldwide when the founder of Wikileaks appeared on the balcony of London’s Ecuadorian embassy on December 20, the eve of the supposed doomsday.

As the world didn't end as anticipated especially keenly by those who hold the Christmas belief religiously (two of such Christian crusaders having just escaped to the US from China after collected huge assets from their followers in the name of the "Almighty" and the doomsday), we would kindly advice the corrupted leaders around the world and their henchmen to pay a good attention to what Assange has said in his message:

WikiLeaks already has over a million documents nearly ready for release in 2013 – “documents that affect every country in the world.”

“Every country in this world!”

“Ordinary people here in the West are now the enemy of governments, an enemy to be watched, an enemy to be controlled. True democracy is the resistance of people armed with the truth against lies, from Tahrir to right here in London.”

Yes, a true democracy shall be the one shared by the mass right from the grassroots, as advocated and practiced by Chairman Mao, the founder of a genuine socialist China that serves the needs of the majority people in the country and works for the long-term and fundamental interests of the nation.

And yes, the secret local allies of the sinister world-government-wanna-be that tries to dictate the mankind with one political system, one legal system, one religious belief, one race, one culture and one language will be exposed, sooner or later, if not by Wikileaks, then might by Webleaks, Wireleaks, Weirdleaks, Wickedleaks, Waytoleak, Want2leak, Whynot2leak ... the possibilities are endless ....

So, the leaders, especially the leaders in Chinese State Council and in China's Agriculture Ministry, you are now warned about the leak. You'd better behave yourselves!


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