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Wen Jiabao's Last Waltz

17 December 2012

A deal is deal. As Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Vice Premier Li Keqiang made a deal with Obama-Clinton regime, as they did what they were asked and as they received what they requested, now it is only the White House that can prevent Wen Jiabao's household from being prosecuted for corruption and high treason, and it is only the force behind the White House that can help Li Keqiang to secure his dream position. Thus the pair and their gang keep doing what they have to do.

On December 13, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao staged his last Waltz by visiting a biotechnology company in Beijing to boost the morale of his GMO troop. The super rich old man proclaimed, in a way that was seemingly designed to deliberate challenge public opposition to his support of GMO commercialisation, that "we have established a range of platforms to develope highly advanced GMO technologies which have been applied to growing genetically modified rice, oil plants, corns, tomatoes, cabbages, cotton and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs."

His thuggish provocation of course prompted more fury in Chinese public. Following are some of what Chinese have said about Wen Jiabao's latest GM move:

- The dark force behind the GMO farce in China finally comes to the front.

- He himself never eats GM food because he has special provision, everyone knows that.

- He's so sucked that he would get TCM herbs genetically modified. No wonder the TCM remedy becomes must less effective than before.

- Good on him. After his $37 billions hidden assets disclosed by the NYT, he still wants to serve his boss in the Wall Street.

- He is gambling his chance to keep the stolen assets with the fate of the Chinese nation.

- That's his last-ditch effort to fight against the nation in order to save his family.

- There were premiers in Chinese history who committed high crimes, but never was a premier who would ever think of poisoning his own people. What Wen Jiabao has done will certainly go down in history.

Zhao Hua, a Chinese playwright and a prominent anti-GMO campaigner, confronted Wen Jiabao on the issue through his weibo: "While you are so interested in GM rice, why haven't we heard a word from you about illegal Golden Rice test on Chinese children?"

The incident mentioned by Zhao has been reported worldwide lately. Just day before Wen's visit to one of his GMO platforms in Zhongguancun, an article published on America's Science Magazine, suggesting the links between the criminal scientists who tested GM rice on Chinese children and the US government as well as some people in Chinese government. The following are the excerpt from the article Chinese Researchers Punished for Role in GM Rice Study penned by Mara Hvistendahl and Martin Enserink:

Good as gold? This informed consent form for the study did not specify that the rice was genetically modified. The China CDC says parents only saw the signature page of the six-page form, which did not mention golden rice either.

An official investigation in China has come down hard on a controversial U.S.-funded study in which Chinese schoolchildren were fed genetically modified (GM) rice.

At issue is a study funded by the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that was conducted on schoolchildren in Hunan province in 2008 .

The scientists together "meticulously concealed the reality" that the experiment involved golden rice.

On 22 May 2008, the researchers explained their experiment to the parents and guardians without mentioning that one group of children would be fed GM rice. The informed consent form did not mention genetic modification either; moreover, parents weren't shown the entire form, but only the page where they had to sign. That page did not mention golden rice.

Dubock, who has kept in touch with the research team, says they avoided the term "genetically modified" because U.S. government guidelines on consent forms ask researchers to explain a study in "language understandable to the subject or the representative."

25 children at Jiangkou Central Primary School in Hengnan County were fed golden rice, a strain genetically engineered to be high in β-carotene ... 55 others ate either spinach or capsules containing β-carotene in oil.


Chinese Premier's Last Waltz

I wondered should I go or should I stay,
The band has only one more song to play,
Then I saw you out the corner of my eyes,
You genetically modified golden rice.

My dear Chinese people, don't go,
I wanna have the last Waltz with you!

I fall in love with your kids,
Please give me their health;
I fall in love with your lives,
Please try golden rice produced by science.

My dear Chinese people, don't go,
As I wanna have the last Waltz with you!

Yet the flame of love died in your eye,
My heart is broke in two when you say goodbye.
But I have to stay for the last Waltz,
To keep my promise to Monsanto and the White House.

So my dear Chinese people, please don't go,
I wanna have the last Waltz with you!

A scene in a Chinese city a few days ago: when the sun is blocked by murky fog, the day turns to night.

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