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Light of Wisdom & Courage

15 December 2012

Last Sunday, a spectacular could lingered in the sky over the Five Daises Hill (五台山 Wutaishan) in Shanxi (山西), the ancestral province of China's contemporary national hero & political prisoner Bo Xilai. The celestial show lasted for about four hours. (Photo source: 五台山焦瑾琦)

A scene of Buddhist monasteries in Wutaishan was painted on the wall of Dunhuang Grotto during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907).

Wutaishan is the most sacred Buddhist mountain in China (other three are Putoshan Island in Zhejiang, Emeishan in Sichuan and Jiuhuashan in Anhui), and is said to be the main education campus of Wenshu Bodhisattva (文殊菩萨, also known as Manjushri), the leading disciple of Shakyamuni Buddha - the perfectly enlightened one.

According to Buddhism, Wenshu Bodhisattva represents wisdom and courage. Since the Liberation in 1959, Tibetan people view Chairman Mao as the earthly embodiment of Wenshu bodhisattva, who rescued them from a thousand year old serfdom system with his extraordinary wisdom and courage, the two personal qualities that Chinese people fail to find in the top leaders in the recent decades.

Although not a top leader, Bo Xilai, the political enemy of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Vice-Premier Li Keqiang, have been praised by his people for possessing great courage and practical wisdom that helped lead China's social and economic development progress.

A stunning street scene of Chongqing with gingko trees that were planted to absorb air pollution

A view of Chongqing inverted by river, in which we find everything is upside down, just like China's political situation toda, A leader with wisdom and courage is illegally imprisoned while corrupted politicians and local collaborators of foreign powers are not investigated and prosecuted

Here are what some Chinese Netizens say:

- Without following the path advocated by Bo Xilai, China will have no future.

- Bo Xilai is a Bodhisattva ..... In his success and in his failure, he pushes for China's change and pioneers for China's transformation, with a clear goal in his mind that is to get rid of interest groups and to build a just and fair China for the majority of Chinese people.

- Firstly, Mr Bo must be freed; secondly, we want Mr Bo, not anyone else, to tell us if he is physically well; thirdly, if Mr Bo is not well, then nobody shall expect an easy time ahead!

- Without Mr Bo, reform will sure to fail.

- Those evil forces, please do not push people into the corner, or you will certainly regret.

- We'll judge those in power by their attitudes toward Mr Bo.

- If Mr Bo does not return to his job, I have no faith in China's next ten years.

- Let's borrow the phrase from that retired official: If Mr Bo cannot be freed and return to work, "no one shall expect to escape a doomed fate!" [an old government official with massive private enterprises managed by his family members once threatened Xi Jinping during his Shenzhen visit that if he dared not to keep (free market and privatisation) reform, "no one shall expect to escape a doomed fate" - Multipletext]


An artistic impression of Wenshu Bodhisattva by Chinese artist 刘西古.

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