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How Taiwan's Nationalist Party Regime Betrays the Chinese Nation

14 December 2012

On the anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre, while Chinese in the mainland and all over the world expressed their grievance over the mass killing and their condemnation of Japan's refusal to admit its war crimes and rejection to giver up its military ambition for Chinese territory, in Taiwan an official best birthday wish was conveyed to Japanese emperor whose father, grand-uncle and the majority old members in his family were chiefly responsible for the Rape of Nanjing.

It was the Nationalist Party that in 1937 abandoned the capital and escaped to Chongqing in the inlands, leaving hundreds and thousands of people died under the butcher's knives of emperor's "Imperial Army". Yesterday, it was again the Nationalist Party that deliberately chose the anniversary day to congratulate a murderous household for a birthday that will come ten days later.

We believe all Chinese people in China and all Chinese descendants around the world will take notice of this treacherous act delivered by the Nationalist Party and Ma Ying-jeou regime. Anyone who keeps promoting a "third cooperation" between the two-parties (the Nationalist Party in Taiwan and the CCP in the mainland China) shall be viewed as the one advocating collaboration with the traitors of the nation.


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