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call to Include the Nanjing Massacre archives
In the global heritage List
As Part of UNESCO's Memory of the World

13 December 2012

Today, December 13, 2012, Chinese across the country are commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre executed by Fascist Japanese during the WWII. In Nanjing, in the sound of sirens and bells 9000 people gathered to mourn the lives lost in the hands of the militant Japanese. (Photo credit to 孙参)

On December 13, 1937, Nanjing was captured and subjected to six weeks of systematic genocidal carnage by Japanese army led by Prince Asaka Yasuhiko - the uncle of Japanese Emperor Hirohito. But Asaka did not stand trail for his anti-humanity acts. Who helped the criminal to escape the fate? The answer: the Government of the United States. A secret deal was reached between Douglas Macarthur and Japanese "emperor" on 27 September 1945, which is how US acquired the most advanced bio weapons technology in the world. Thus it is not only Japanese criminals and their supporters but US government owe the victims of Nanjing massacre a big, and a very big, apology. History is waiting...

On the 75th anniversary of Nanjing Massacre, Chinese Buddhist monks in Nanjing sounded the bell to remind the world of Japan's war criminal past. (Photo credit to 沈鹏)

All scores will eventually be evened, no matter how long it takes and regardless whether you like to see it happen or not, which is the No. 1 rule in the universe.

If there is an universal value, then this is the one.


As commanding officer of the 6th Division of the so called "imperial Japanese army", Hisao Tani was one of the chief war criminals in Nanjing Massacre, along with Prince Asaka Yasuhiko, a member of Japan's "royal" family. Tani's Division is responsible for the ten-day long genocidal carnage of Chinese civilians and soldiers in the area around Yuhuatai and China Gate (zhonghuamen) which was the major crime scene.

In 1947 after Japan's unconditional surrender at the end of World War II, Tani was extradited to Nanjing to stand trial for war crimes at the Nanjing War Crimes Tribunal. The mass murderer was executed by Chinese on 26 April 1947.

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