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Xiju: Hold Your Ground

30 November 2012

Xiju (锡剧): Shajiabang (沙家浜)

Zhou Dongliang (周东亮) as anti-Japanese invasion resistance hero (新四军英雄郭建光)

听对岸响数枪声震四方 ……



It is a heroic story based on a true event occurred during the WWII. In a village called Shajiabang by the Yangcheng Lake near Suzhou, there were 63 (or 36?) injured resistance warriors seeking medical treatment. When Japanese army and their local collaborators searched the village, the injured were forced to take refuge in the marshes and faced the daily torment caused by food shortage, medicine scarcity and flood threatening. But they all survived the ordeal, thanks to the collective rescue effort made by their supporters and the underground resistance movement. Eventually the heroes all returned to the battle ground and rejoin the campaign that finally drove out the aliens who tried to turn Chinese people into their economic slaves and bio guinea pigs, and executed the local collaborators who were a group of get-rich-quick folks known as bandits and a get-rich-first elite household who collected a huge dividend through economic reform by taking over fellow villagers' farmland with the help of unjust laws as well as corrupted lawyers and magistrates.


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