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Second Episode of a Real-live Blockbuster:
China's Hidden National Treasure
- Lobbying, a Windfall and a Leader’s Family

27 November 2012

David Barboza is an economic journalist/the Shanghai chief editor of a major US newspaper and an inheritor of a long line of American treasure hunters. His current pursuit is a treasure map that leads to a long-rumoured treasure trove of valuables allegedly hidden by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and his family and his relatives and his friends and his political allies at home and overseas.

Beginning with clues from the ID cards of Wen's family members, including his 91-year old mother, Barboza embarks on his treasure quest for a good 12 months plus. A letter addressed to vice premier Wen Jiabao by Ma Mingzhe, chairman of Ping An Insurance in the fall of 1999, a list of secret Ping An share holders from members of Wen's extended families that would be worth billions of dollars, a number of internal Ping An documents, government filings and interviews with bankers and former senior executives at Ping An that indicate the vice premier’s office was among the regulators involved in the Ping An waiver meetings and who had the authority to sign off on the waiver [1], as well as thousands of pages of publicly available corporate documents which suggest that the Ping An stakes held by the prime minister’s relatives were concealed behind layers of obscure partnerships rather than being held directly in their names [2], eventually lead to a hidden treasure empire centred at a quadrangle courtyard compound heavily guarded by military force in the heart of Beijing - the residence of Chinese premier. Toss in China's State Council, China's Foreign Ministry, China's insurance giant Ping An, British bank HSBC, chief players in the world stock market from United States namely Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs and a private dinner hosted by the greedy and vulgar wife of the premier, Lobbying, Windfall and a Leader's Family delivers as one of the best treasure hunting/action real live dramas in the genre, with its second episode currently shown on the worldwide media - news papers, TV news programs, online news presentations and radio talkback shows etc.

A useful tip: Just bring your own scorecard in order keep running track of the drama's many clues.

Great lines from the drama:

- The foreign ministry: Your expose of the corrupt Premier family "smears China and has ulterior motives.”

- The family lawyer: "The family reserve the right to take legal action."
- The treasure hunter: When are you going to activate your right?
- The lawyer: Never.

- Website Wen Jiabao's Time: New York Times should understand these corrupt action was “in accordance with (China's) laws and rules.”

More background information about this drama:

After the screen of the first episode, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman accused of the hidden treasure hunter as a man who "smears China and has ulterior motives." [3]

The lawyers representing Wen family said the family reserve the right to take legal action. [4]

The Chinese government has blocked access to the English-language and Chinese-language Web sites of The Times in China. [5]

[1] The filings obtained by The Times show only two large state-run financial institutions were granted similar waivers, while three of China’s big state-run insurance companies were forced to break up.

[2] China and Hong Kong have detailed regulations on the disclosure of corporate information deemed material to a publicly listed company’s operation, like the identities of large shareholders and details about whether companies controlling large stakes are related parties, which means what Wen Jiabao's family did does not “in accordance with (China's) laws and rules.”

[3] However, the popular sentiment in China regards Chinese Foreign Ministry "has ulterior motives" and "smears China", as its spokesman in effect implied that corruption and inside trading are perfectly okay in the country. [F**k the treacherous foreign ministry, dare you smear 1.3 billion Chinese people (except the corrupt elites)!]

[4] Go ahead, Wen family, please clear your name with hard evidence as what The Times has done. If you fail to active your reserved right to take legal action then the world will certainly believe in no time that your family is indeed guilty of the crimes suggested by The Times.

[5] Wen Jiabao-Li Keqiang led administration has showed all signs of dictators and tyrants who always try to take away people's right to see and to judge for themselves.

The following are some inspiringly produced posters of the second episode in the drama The Hidden National Treasure: Lobbying, a Windfall and a Leader’s Family.

This is a poster perfect for your bedroom wall (The NYT pasted it on its front gate yesterday):

These are the posters perfect for your PC or laptop (you can save it as computer background):

Here is a treasure map:


Just days after Wen Jiabao pled the Chinese community to forget him, he becomes the talking point of the world community (Forget you and your hidden treasure? No way!):

What the World Says about Wen Jiabao's Hidden Treasure






Why can't you forget what I did? What do you want of me? You want me to die? I've already died eight times before, and I just reincarnated whiles ago, and you wanna me die again?



Wen Jiabao:

“In the pursuit of truth, I would die nine times without regret. If I’m going to die, I want to die with honesty and integrity ... I hope everyone will forget me – that includes Chinese people and overseas Chinese. Forget me.”

Another Big Stake in Ping An, Hidden in a Hong Kong Investment

The third episode in the blockbuster treasure hunting drama: Hidden National Treasure. Click on the title link to watch the show. Don't miss out!


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