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An Untold Tale of Sherlock Holmes
Newly Discovered in Chinese

A Bogus Murder Case (8): The Church

5 October 2012

Holmes and Watson returned to Bristol as businessmen Howe and Walter, and met their detective "cousin" Stevens at Bistro du Vin next day. As soon as they settled at a table positioned against the wall next to a fireless fireplace, Stevens informed his guests the test result of the liquid that killed John. "It's cyanide."

"Good lord, cyanide, again?" Watson exclaimed in suppressed voice, immediately lifting his sight from the menu.

But Holmes kept researching his "a la carte". "If Hidewood indeed died of cyanide poisoning as alleged by the court," he whispered, "then it is very likely both of them were murdered by the same group of - ah, dear dear," Holmes raised his head to smile at an approaching waiter, "I understand your steaks are 28-day dry-aged -"

"Yes sir, it's the most popular pick among our customers."

"Then, gentlemen, we shall follow the lead of the popular opinion, shall we?"

"You won't regret sir."

Once the order was made, the waiter delivered drinks and left the table, Holmes' charming smile faded. "Cyanide is a substance strictly controlled by the government, yet it seems they can easily gain access to it, which means this group is extremely resourceful." He poured more liquid into his glass from a bottle.

"But Mr Holmes, I don't understand," said Stevens, "if they could easily kill him now, what stopped them from killing him early when they did so to Joseph? Why they bothered to shadow him to the hospital and waited so long?"

"They may suspect he had passed some crucial evidence to someone else and they wished to find out who is that person or persons." Holmes replied in rumble and, lifting his glass, gazed through reflective red decadent wine with eager curiosity.

"But your appearance in the town forced them to act immediately," Watson suggested.

Holmes tasted the red liquid. "What do you know about the church?"

Stevens looked around then leaned forward to near the ears of his companions. "According to my investigation this morning, the church is indeed the place of worship that John frequented most, and it is believed that he received his last holy communion from Father Peters."

"Excellent, that's fabulous! I believe we urgently need a priest to say a prayer for the tormented soul of our unfortunate brother -" Holmes beamed brilliantly, and his eyes went to the waiter delivering soup and breads to the table. "Ah, now here comes our entrée." He neatly tucked a napkin under his chin.

But the night visit to St Mary on the Quay Presbytery didn't go smoothly. The priest in question declined to discuss anything related to his flock. "Besides, I'm not supposed to know who was on the other side of the screen talking to me," said the priest, frigidly. "You may return home now, I will pray for his soul tomorrow, and pray for our dear brother to return to the loving arms of the Holy Father for all of eternity."

It was not until Holmes removed his fake mustache and facial skin to reveal his true identity as the world renowned detective, and Dr. Simon was urgently called to the premises by Stevens, the icy facade of the clergyman began to thaw.

"Yes, John and I were very close. Since he had no family here, he loved to share his secret with me. His last visit here was about half a year ago - he told me Joseph died and he could meet the same fate." The priest rose from his chair. "He asked me to keep his documents in a safe place, and if he died, they shall only be handed over to someone sent by Mr Boswell -" He turned to move his heavy chair away from the spot. "But Simon, you are my close friend for so many years, how can I not trust you; and Mr Holmes, I know what your name means - all right, all right, forgive me John!" He lifted a plank in the flooring, and, thrusting his hand beneath, drew up a tin box.

"John, my dear son, I hope I haven't made a wrong decision!" groaned the priest when handing the box to Holmes.

(to be continued)

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Below is the eighth chapter of the story in the original Chinese text written by Shellstone Homes:

离 奇 命 案



Author: Shellstone Homes

































What Chinese Say

About the bogus murder case




















开始清算薄熙来时,国外出口转内销的"新闻"说他有100多个情妇,后来又是几百个,最近铁板定钉的“新闻”是2 8个,还捕风捉影地什么“倪XX”“章XX ”。明眼人一看就知道这些八卦“新闻”用的是历史上久玩不衰的靠“红颜祸水”向政敌身上泼脏水那一套,为的是把一个人不但从上半身,还要从下半身一起搞臭。

我开始还扫一眼标题,后来就出离愤怒了:制造这些“新闻”的家伙,你们自己的裤裆里面干净么?!文革那套给人栽赃“男女乱搞” 丑闻又不让当事人澄清辩护,用“生活作风问题”向人身上泼脏水的卑鄙伎俩,在文革4 0年以后,又上演了!而且是从上到下地,出口转内销地上演。

从制造和传播这些“丑闻”的人身上,我看到了人类一些最卑劣的特性:仇恨,嫉妒,幸灾乐祸,落井下石。如果是个男人制造制造这类东西,他必是个自己裤裆里不干净的猥琐小人[温、李、令 - Multipletext],如果是个女人制造这种东西,她必定是个王婆那样的没有男人的皮条客 [马馼 - Multipletext]。

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