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Chinese Response to Premier Wen Jiabao's Agricola Medal

4 October 2012

FAO conferred an Agricola Medal on Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao for - guess what - promoting food security. In the eye of Chinese public nothing can be more cynical than this. Below are some responses posted online:

- I'm a peasant, I oppose to rewarding this man for what he did to China's agricultural sector.

- What do you reckon, this is a reward given to him by Americans.

- To be fair, the countryside are not too bad these few years.

- In which way? The crops become genetically modified; the fertile farmlands become construction fields; the hydraulic systems are all rundown; the highly polluted industries are relocated from cities to the villages.

- You just wait, when all food on Chinese people's dinner table become genetically modified, Wen Jiabao will be given a even bigger award by Americans.

- China's unsafe food practice ranks the top in the world. [Should vice premier Li Keqiang responsible for food safety along with Wen Jiabao not be charged for manslaughter offence accordingly? - Multipletext]

- Chinese people become the guinea pigs of the world scientific field, for which Wen Jiabao does deserve a medal. [Under Wen-Li administration, dozens of Chinese kids in Hubei Province have been used as the human guinea pigs by an US bio research company to test the new strain of GM food - so far no government department or officials have been prosecuted for this crime of anti-humanity - Multipletext]

- due to Wen Jiabao's tireless efforts, thousands of millions of high-quality rice and wheat farms are forcibly purchased at very low price or even taken over without compensation by corrupted officials and mafia like developers, and then transferred into concrete forests.

- This is an award for Wen Jiabao's high treason act.

- When later he is brought to trial, this medal will be presented to the court as the evidence of high treason.

- Guess who will deliver the next medal to Wen Jiabao? The Fascist Japan.

- This is a medal for butcher.

- Is he awarded for promoting GMO or importing food from overseas? [These are only major contributions Wen Jiabao has made to China's agricultural sector]

- Wen Jiabao is no doubt the No. one public enemy in China. Regardless his/her political views, almost everyone believes he deserves to die ten thousands times for the crimes he committed against Chinese nation.


In a often pungent and vulgar Taiwan-style Chinese, "lunch box" (快餐盒) is widely dubbed as "便当“, which can be described as "convenient" or "convenience" in some dialects around the regions along China's eastern coast. When a careless Taiwan mother tried to help her kid to distinguish between a box containing soup and another with meal, she added a descriptive objective before each label, i.e. character "small (小)" before "lunch box soup (便当 汤)" and character "big (大)"before "lunch box meal (便当 饭 )", consequently, the two labels are more conveniently read as "小便-当-汤” and "大便-当-饭“。 ”当“ is a verb meaning "to use as", as for what "小便“ and "大便“ refer to, we kindly advise you to check you Chinese-English dictionary. LOL!

P. S. This is also how Chinese public read the UN/US and any other Western Power sponsored international awards to the most hated and disgusted individual in China, i.e. Chinese premier Wen Jiabao. LOL, again!

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