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An Untold Tale of Sherlock Holmes
Newly Discovered in Chinese

A Bogus Murder Case (7): The Mug

3 October 2012

When Dr. Watson returned to John's room, he was mortally shocked by what he saw: the police officer leaned against the wall, with his eyes wide open staring into vacant space, the corners of his mouth stained with white foam, his chest wet with liquid and his left hand clung to his mug. The doctor put his hand under John's nose but detected no sign of breathing.

"Where's Frank?" as Holmes followed the nurse rushing to the scene with the hospital director, this was the first question he asked, and only by then Watson noticed Frank was not around.

"Good God, how could I overlooked this critical probability in the train of event development!" Holmes grumbled while swiftly put on gloves, released the mug from John's grip, examined the body and collected the liquid samples from John's lips and the mug.

But Dr Simon could hardly pull himself up. His face was pallid and haggard while kept murmuring, "Poor John - now what - what else can we do to help Mr Boswell -"

"Yes, there are two things you can do Dr. Simon," responded Holmes. "The first, lure some patients to John's room to cover our footprints; the second, check the chemical components in the liquid, and make sure you are present when the test is performed, then inform Stevens about the result. We may leave the premises at once, and you can call police now."

Back to the local detective's office, both Stevens and Watson felt terribly dejected, burring their head in their hands in dead silence. Holmes was also quiet, sitting there scrutinising John's plastic mug.

"Dr. Watson, do you know why I moved to Bristol?" Stevens eventually broke the stillness.

"That I really don't know, but I wouldn't mind to know."

"I'm a native of Southampton," Stevens started.

"Ah Southampton." Watson knew that was a city where Mr. Boswell once worked as mayor.

"My hometown used to be quite rundown, and it was Mr Boswell who transformed the place into the most beautiful seaside city in the kingdom with the fastest economic development and most secure social environment. By the time he left his post, shops temporary suspended their trading, cab drivers left their cars on the roadside, while hundreds of thousands of residents flocked onto the streets to bid farewell to him. He kept shaking hands with people and we kept following his vehicle with tears on our face ... I saw his eyes were also wet ... I could never forget this moment ... When years later he left the Commerce Ministerial post to work as Bristol mayor, I moved my family and business here to be close to him once again ..." There was something shining in Stevens' eyes. "But, Wendell, that devilish prime minister, has got the Parliament and the country's entire legal system under his control, and trumped up bogus accusations against Mr and Mrs Boswell. I don't know, and now I really don't know, Dr Watson, how I can ever help them to clear their names." The brims of Stevens' eyes were red. As he became more emotional, he waved his fists in the air; Watson believed that if Mr Wendell was right in front of him, the detective could tear the old devil into pieces.

"Come, look at this," Holmes suddenly announced. The two promptly bounced forward and followed Holmes' instruction to check the bottom of the mug. There they found some marks that roughly resembled word "cnurch".

"I think you all observed John's habit of sucking water out the mug from time to time, which suggests he was not thirsty, which also indicates the mug was very important to him that even in his death he still held it tight. When I examined his body, I noticed the nail of his right thumb significantly sharpened due to frequent scratch on the material that is easy to produce signs."

"Then cnurch must be the message that he tried to pass to someone - but what does cnurch mean?" Stevens tapped his forehead.

"It should be church, I guess?"

"Quite so, Watson, quite so. Stevens, how many churches around John's police office?"

"If you ask the religious venues most near by that would be Stapleton Road Chapel and Easton Christian Family Centre, Mr Holmes, and within a reasonable walking distance from his office there is big church Pip 'n' Jay. But since John is a catholic, I would consider St Mary on the Quay Presbytery at Colston Street as the most likely candidate."

"I see, that's excellent. But look, my dear friend, Watson and I will have to return to London - there is an ICC ODI Championship at Lord's Cricket Ground tomorrow, and I don't think Watson would like to miss out on the event."

"Holmes -" Watson cried out.

"Please apologize to my fans at the Bradley Cricket Club. I'm sorry to leave before the mystery is solved, but following the sudden death of the last witness in the town, there is not much that I can do here."

"I understand, Mr Holmes," Stevens looked wretched. "I'll let them know."

"But Holmes, what the devil cricket when the nation's future is hanging in the balance!" Watson was quite cross.

Holmes walked towards the door. "The next train to London will be leaving the station in 20 minutes, Watson, and now I believe is the time for our exit. Thanks for your hospitality Stevens, by the way, could you please booking two hotel beds near the church for your cousins visiting you from, ah, Southampton of course, for tomorrow night?"

"Holmes?!" Watson cried out again.

"Of course Mr Holmes, and Dr. Watson - oh, should I say Mr. Howe and Mr Walter," Stevens immediately broke into a big smile. "I'll make booking at Hotel du Vin right away."

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Below is the seventh chapter of the story in the original Chinese text written by Shellstone Homes:

离 奇 命 案



Author: Shellstone Homes



















我和斯蒂芬凑在一起,将水杯倒过来,看到杯底上隐隐约约有“church” 字样,又或者是“cnurcn”,每个字母都很不规则,第二个字母和最后一个字母到底是“h”还是“n”很难分辨。














What Chinese Say

About the bogus murder case

王铮 (China's best known resistance heroine)



What Bo Xilai did in Chongqing threatened government officials so much that they have to destroy him entirely, because he was doing a real job on cleaning up official corruption and state-sponsored organized crimes. The current government circle in China is a huge net, the interest of the each official is connected with the whole. You upset one, you upset all.


















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