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Truth Behind Chongqing Incident

2 October 2012

What Chinese Say

About Chongqing Incident:

麒麟1 (



Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has no choice but to destroy Bo Xilai completely. Why? The reason is simple. What Wang Lijun really wanted to disclose to the world is not anything about Bo Xilai but everything about Wen Jiabao, about Wen Jiabao's wife's links to relic jewellery smugglling and subsequent murder incident. If Wang was indeed trying to escape from Bo Xilai, he should go to Beijing instead of Chengdu, and he would not wait in the consulate until Chongqing deputy mayor's arrival. The force who pursued him is from the top of the Chinese government because of the highly explosive nature of the information he obtained.

[Thus the most plausible explanation of Wang Lijun's US Consulate visit must be the following:

Wen Jiabao, Li Keqiang, Falun Gong (a political organization disguised as religious cult and financially sponsored by CIA), Taiwan local government, Hong Kong colonial remnants, Japanese government, Washington administration, Monsanto, and possibly Deng Xiaoping's mafia godfather like cripple son and GMO promotion daughter worked together under the coordination of Bilderberg to prevent Bo Xilai from entering the top level of Chinese government thus to ensure the next administration will only serve the interest of the world power based in the West, like what the current administration has done. Yet the scheme was discovered by Wang Lijun through wiretapping prompted by Beijing's initial wiretap on Chongqing.

When Wang reported his findings to Bo Xilai and suggested to do something before the siege was closed, an outrageously idealistic, faithful and upright Bo Xilai could not bring himself to deliberate a possibility that some people in the top CCP leadership could be part of the international plot against Chinese nation, Chinese civilization and Chinese people, thus declined to take any steps, that might be considered as not dignified, to combat against the antagonists.

Refusing to believe some human individuals' nature could be so sinister and evil is Bo Xilai's shortcoming as a politician, but it is also his strength as a man that with a heart of gold he touches the soul of the millions in China.

Yet Wang Lijun, a man who spent decades dealing with worst criminals in the community, knew all the dark sides of the human society, thus was able to foresee the danger approaching not only themselves, but their families and friends, therefore decided to go alone with a last ditch effort to save the situation.

When Bo Xilai was away for a business trip else way, and when Wang Lijun received an order from Beijing to contact the consulate for anti-terror matters, he took the materials he gethered with him. Not realising Beijing instruction is a trap and that all US diplomatic outlets in China are just part of their hunting web, Wang went to confront the consular over the anti-China plot. Beijing received the report immediately, and the rest is history - Multipletext]

探戈 (







内战内行 外战外行 内斗斗得你死我活 对外卖国求荣




呵呵呵, 真以为我们吃转基因食品已经都吃傻啦。


全国人民都笑了 -








书记令中国的既得利益集团,卖国贼如芒刺在背,欲置之死地而后快. 因为他是一面照妖镜,照出了中国自上而下的当权者的真实嘴脸,让他们在全国老百姓面前无处遁形,岂有不打碎这面镜子的道理。


广州花都区原书记潘潇贪29个亿26名情妇,被抓喊冤广州花都区原区委书记潘潇,贪了29个亿,26名情妇,家属已全部移民法国,全球各地有38套房产,到澳门豪赌一次就输了1.3亿。他在法庭说:"我不服!有人搞了几千亿,你们为什不敢抓?从地方到中央,谁敢说他不贪不色,请他出来说话,我搞这点钱算什么?我冤啊!你们搞我,总有一天你们会玩完!" [汪洋必须为用人失察担责,等待莲花落成员被双开的决定-Multipletext]


A banner appeared during anti-Japan rally in Chonqing:

Diaoyu Islands belong to China, Bo Xilai belongs to people!

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