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Yes, We can!

14 January 2012

Q: Who are these people in full military gear?
A: American troops.
Q: Where are they?
A: In a foreign country called Afghanistan.
Q: What are they doing there?
A: Pissing over Afghanis.
Q: Why piss over them?
A: Because they are blood smeared.
Q: Why they are blood smeared?
A: Because they were shot by American troops.
Q: Why they were shot?
A: Because they were terrorists.
Q: What did they do?
A: Heaps: a) They were unhappy with the U.S. regime; b) they said no to the U.S. regime; c) they tried to evict American occupation troops sent to their country by the U.S. regime; d) they intended to over throw puppet rule imposed upon them from the U.S. regime ...
Q: Enough! How could people do such terrible things, outrageous! They deserve to be killed.
A: Exactly. When your kids wet the bed, can you not blame on your neighbours?
Q: I will have to! Anyone who is unhappy with me will cause my kids to have nightmare and pee on the bed. You know that.
A: Quite right. Then will you grab a machine gun to knock on your neighbours' door for causing your bed wet?
Q: You bet! They have an obligation to buy me a new mattress.
A: Will you allow your neighbours not to open the door when you knocked?
Q: No way! I'll kick open the door and storm in.
A: Once you've stormed in, will you allow your neighbours to stop you from abusing their sisters and beating their kids?
Q: Not a chance, that's my God given rights.
A: Just so. And when they tries to resist your assault, can you not kill their brothers?
Q: I can't, can you? For God's sake, I'll kill all of them, brothers, sisters, and kids.
A: Good on you. After you've killed them, can you not piss over their bodies?
Q: I don't think so. That's why we fought so hard to liberate Afghanistan from dictatorship for. Now it is a free country, and in the land of freedom, they Afghanis are free to be killed and pissed over, and we Americans are free to kill and piss over their dead bodies.
A: Well said, well said, indeed. We'll destroy all enemies of freedom! Because, you see, we can! God bless America!


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