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A letter to

27 January 2012

by V.S. This is a letter from our dear reader V.S. whom though none of us ever met in person but we've received regular encouragement and valuable feedbacks from in the past few years. We take this opportunity to thank V.S. and all our web site visitors for the kind support that you give to us and wish you a highly enlightened year 2012.

Dear Editor,

May I extend my warmest Chinese New Year best wishes to all the workers at for all their hard work to present the human picture of China with its sometimes quirky whimsical style laced with hard hitting comments both on China and the world especially the putrefying sore thumb called USA.

Multipletext has helped me to understand so much of China. And there is so much yet to take in but certainly Multipletext shows China warts and all- the beautiful, the ugly, the old which I love and the new which I wonder about.

Yes China is marching forward with a new perspective of the world which others do not yet grasp.

The West never stops ridiculing and condemning China for what they see as not conforming with their ideal "democratic" world which they themselves totally fail to uphold. They crudely practice in a half baked way what Abraham Lincoln said about government of the people for the people by the people. They still practice their imperialist aggression against weaker nations and try to assert their control by creating puppet regimes in the name of "democracy". And they laugh when China stumbles and they foment unrest in China and continue to encircle China in their effort to stifle its full flowering as a nation.

Well, we see they have state capitalism. It can only be good if it can bring the rewards to the hundreds of millions of still very poor Chinese. The worry is where it goes from here.

On the positive side, the Chinese are showing the world that China can prosper and share its wealth and knowledge in its quiet unassuming way in helping Third World nations. In its own way China is helping the Third World to become more independent of the Western imperialist world which still owns and controls much of the world's resources. It all began when China proudly stood up in 1949.

China also now leads the way on promoting the ideal of world peace and how to go about it without committing great crimes against humanity. Yet it is steering in very dangerous waters as the sore thumb of a nation is setting up traps to provoke and trigger of a world war to re-assert its domination.

In the past year China also learned not to trust Mandarin speaking smart asses who secretly plotted with the sore thumb to attack China and arrogantly tells China how to run its foreign policy. When did the Australia Foreign Minister become the Foreign Minister of China? What a laugh!

So the year of the Black Water Dragon is China's year. Let's hope it will bring all the best for China and prevent any untoward things happening to China.


p.s. I like to fly like a Wudang master!

(Image credit to @逆光飞行)


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