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Happy Chinese Dragon Year 2012

26 January 2012

A decorative artifact in the shape of a Chinese dragon was unearthed from an ancient bury site

According to Daoist theory, each nation has its unique collective roots in other spaces, and a nation's earthly presence is just the tip of its entire existence in the universe. Chinese Dragons (龍) belong to a completely different spices from the beasts presented in the Western mythology - they reside in a dimension higher than the one humans dwell and act as invisible guides and guards for their associated civilization.

Coincidentally, the logo of China's moon exploration program bears similar graphic configuration to the ancient artifact.

Sound of Dragon

Chinese President Hu Jintao celebrated the coming of the Chinese Dragon with village kids in outskirts of Beijing by sounding the firecrackers.

Old Chinese Tradition: educate the young and look after the old

Chinese President Hu Jintao paid new year visit to elderly villagers.

Old Chinese Tradition: share the happy occasions and face the challenges together

The entire members in a village in Chongqing share their New Year's Eve dinner together

White Rabbit (辛卯,year 2011):

I love peace, fancy harmony, keep silent, swallow insult, be nice to everybody and serve the whole jungle community, but I am hunted by all big beasts and small animals. I'm the favourite target of the predators and the popular punching bag for unhappy folks. Now I'm retired from my job and you are in for the position, hope you don't end up like me.

Black Dragon (壬辰, year 2012):

That won't happen, you can rest assured. For one thing, no one can hunt me down, because I'm not going to make myself foolishly transparent in this space. For another, no one can blackmail me, because I don't have many little rabbits and preserved carrots in countless rabbit holes located in the wolf's lairs and tiger's caves.


Dragon year coin released by Australian Perth Mint

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