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God Bless America

14 January 2012

The 1000 year old Pyramid of Kulkulkan at Chichen Itza has 13 levels and is said to have contained an encoded calendar.

U.S. Dollar Bill Seal
God bless America at the end of the 13th level!

The pyramid on U.S. dollar bill seal also has 13 levels with Roman number 1776 marked the bottom tier. 1776 is the year when the Declaration of Independence was signed, thus the seal must also contain an encoded calendar.

In the Mayan calendar, 13 and 20 are the key numbers, with each Great Cycle consisting of 13 baktuns of 20 katuns, and each katun consisting of 20 tuns.

Does that mean when those so-called "founding fathers" established the United States in 1776, they decided, consciously or subconsciously, the union should be valid for 336 years only? And no one can change its expiring date?

Yet American President Obama is a determined and defiant man. "Yes, we can," he said.

Of course you can, Mr. President. You can, and only can, reap what you sow.

God bless America!


This is one of countless reasons why America urgently needs to get God's blessing.

On 11 January 2012, another Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated, which is the fourth such attack on Iran's scientists in just two years.


Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, the scientist killed in the car bomb incident on 11 January 2012.


Amir Mirzai Hekmati, one of 12 agents of CIA, which is regarded by billions as the number one terrorist organization in the world, was captured in Iran and put to death recently.


Then Israel said “Killing Iranian Scientists is Not Terrorism”. (

So 40,000 outraged and outrageous Iranian Revolutionary Guards have formed a martyrs corp, preparing to end with 29 enemy targets in common ruin. "Yes, we can!" they also say.

If Israelis don't believe assassination of nuclear scientists in another country is an act of terrorism, why should anyone reckon Jewish nuke scientists' lives deserve respect in their own country? A useful tip: Israel has quite a decent number of nukes (about 200 plus), therefore it must have a large number of nuke scientists.


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