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Chinese New Year's Show 2012

26 January 2012

Chinese kids in traditional Chinese clothes

It is expected that by 2013 when the world begins to see the emergence of a new civilization, authentic Chinese culture will start to resurrect in full aspect. The future of Chinese nation and the humanity shall be promising.

Chinese kids dance with sigh language: Forever Be Grateful

While Christian God works on separating people apart and instigating the clash of civilisations, the aspiration of Chinese sages is to see humanity united as one big family across cultural, racial and language barriers, and together to build a better home on planet and to face a common threat beyond the mankind's momentary and immediate circumstance.

The resurrection of the authentic Chinese culture and the upgrade of the human civilization before the middle of the 21st century are the events pronounced by various Daoist sects since more than 2,000 year ago. It is certainly not a trend that American regime can thwart with war, that global capitalists can spoil with money, that Christian church can foil with doomsday theory, that some Manchus can avert with their farcical show of Heaven praying during Chinese New Year festival at Ming emperor's Heaven Alter in Chinese capital. They may fancy they can enlist the higher force to help them to once again condemn Chinese nation to a wretched situation as they did before, but they don't understand that by harbouring such anti-humanity ambition and by hanging on to their criminal ancestors, this group may ruin its own chance to move forward into the new era with the rest of the population in China. Those who brought calamity to themselves through harming others can be saved by no one.

On a more broad scope, there is no real division between past and future, but the difference between those who follow the Way of Cosmos and those who refuse to integrate themselves into the big progress.

It is those who are more disciplined and more self-controlled when following the universal ethic code, which is quite opposite to American style "universal value", can become more self-aware thus be able to master their own destiny.


As the young Chinese vocally and visually celebrate the classic Chinese culture at the beginning of 2012, they are approaching and speaking to the consciousness of Chinese, of the humanity and of the universe: 绿绿是你的衣带,悠悠是我的情怀 (your cloth belt ties to my heart - we are all connected).

Classic Chinese folk dance

The valued tradition is the best fashion, and the classics is embedded deep in the consciousness of Chinese.

Classic Chinese palace dance
只要怀揣着这份继承下来的情怀,就能找回那曾经优雅翩然的自信, 重整汉唐的气度,再现宋明的道统。

The self-confidence of China as a nation cannot be obtained by keeping changing its own identities or keeping washing its own dirty laundry in public. It can only be regained by connecting to the root of Chinese civilization.

Classic Chinese concert

In the past 2,000 years, Chinese civilization has reached its peaks in four periods: during the courageous Han, during the brilliant Tang, during the intelligent Song and during the dignified Ming. Now the 5th peak is looming large on the horizon.

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