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Chinese New Year's Show 2012

26 January 2012

The burning of a huge volumes of Chinese classic books and prohibiting the practice of Daoism and martial arts were just part of destructions that Manchus did to Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. A great number of Chinese arts and technologies were also lost during 260 years of Manchu reign. Konghou (箜篌), an elegant Chinese harp with thousands years of history was only recovered in the early last century after the Manchus were evicted from the Forbidden City.

Entering the 21st Century, a new generation of Chinese discovered that the grand tradition can be turned into high fashion. A young Chinese man is appreciating Chinese incense in a classic way called Sensing the Scent (闻香).

A young Chinese couple are appreciating green tea in a classic way called Tea Ceremony (茶道).

This young man is living a classic martial scholar's lifestyle by reading ten thousand books and traveling ten thousand miles (读万卷书,行万里路).

Classic music: 尺八曲

And like a typical Chinese scholar/swordsman would do, he also plays traditional Chinese music.

And like the typical classic Chinese scholars, these apparent bookworms of the 21st century emerged in an archery site.


They set the goal, aim the target and hit the object in an unique Chinese way: the purpose of practicing martial arts is not of conquering others but to triumph over oneself.

When reviving the tradition, wicked Manchu bugs are carefully identifies and thoroughly purged. Taking Chinese wedding. It was a graceful and blissful process, but with the Manchu influence (建奴文化), it has been distorted into a noisy and wasteful public show.

So this young couple conduct an authentic Chinese wedding to solemnly exchange their vows of love ...

And to demonstrate their willingness to care for each other in good times and in bad times until the very end of their earthly lives.

At a more gradual level on the Confucius Memorial Services, Manchu's trademark "spin of the wild boar" (野猪皮) was eventually peeled off and the fishermen's bamboo cap was tossed aside, replaced with red flowing gown and black palace hat.

But the young generation of Chinese have done more than just restoring the classics: they enrich the tradition with contemporary ingredients. This is an animated ink painting created on computer by hand (without ink).

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