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Chinese New Year's Show 2012

26 January 2012

Sword of Wonder Gate (乙玄门剑)

A dignified Chinese scholar would follow the principle of "世有道则出,世无道则隐" (When the regime is good, work with it; when the regime is corrupted, refuse to serve it); yet a dignified Chinese Daoist would follow the tenet opposite to that doctrine, which means 世有道则隐,世无道则出 - when the world is in order, vanish into seclusion to concentrate on personal cultivation; when the world is in trouble, return to community to save the situation.

Throughout the recent 2,000 years of history, we see two major intellectual forces steering the course of Chinese civilization. One is of Confucius scholars who mainly stayed in public to keep the society running in good order; and another is of Daoist cultivators who usually worked in covert operations, and only showed up in time of crisis to restore the order and rescue the civilization; when the job was done, they handed the power back to scholars and disappeared again into wildness. It is a time-honoured tradition right from Zhang Liang (张良) of Han Dynasty, Li Chunfeng (李纯风) of Tang Dynasty to Liu Ji (刘基) of Ming Dynasty.

About 300 years ago, Chinese civilization experienced the biggest crisis ever in its entire history. A barbaric and destructive force originated from Siberian sneaked into Beijing and occupied the Forbidden City. Like a group of wild beasts who seize the control of a big household but have no idea how to conduct a civil life apart from killing, Manchus systematically massacred Chinese intellectuals who stood by the principles of Confucius humanitarianism, and outlawed Daoist activities including martial arts practices. The invaders further forced all Chinese to change their dress code and hairdo to Manchu's pathetic monkey style. After millions more Chinese heads were chopped off for refusing to adapt a pigtail fashion, and millions more Chinese bodies were stabbed for objecting to put on a Manchu dress that made them looked like a circus clown, the general population of China resigned to their fate. Except Daoists. These courageous and clever group of people are the only Chinese who remain faithful to authentic Chinese tradition in spirit and in appearance to this very day.

A Daoist is practicing his Tiger Beat Fist (伏虎拳)

A Daoist is practicing Wudang Light Kung Fu (武当轻功)

A Wudang Daoist is walking on a wall

A Wudang Daoist is jumping off a cliff

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