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Chinese New Year in the Ming Dynasty

26 January 2012

Chinese New Year during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644)

The female members of a big household are playing mahjong during Chinese New Year festival.

A Chinese New Year's card produced by royal court of the Ming Dynasty

A Ming emperor sits in his regal chair before a dragon image on a massive screen

On the morning of the New Year's Day emperor would receive the congratulations from hundreds of top civil and military officials; in return he would invite thousands of officials and officers and senior citizens (over 90 or so) to attend New Year's Day lunch in Nanjing's then Beijing's Forbidden Cities which they initially built. The banquet tables were placed in chambers, in open corridors and on squares before the halls and the gates, while orchestrates played soothing tune of Southern Jiangnan (where the royal family, majority court officials and a large number of pre-Manchu Beijing residents came from) with string and bamboo instruments, softly punctuated by drums.


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