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Why China Slipped Backwards in the recent centuries (1)?

6 January 2012

The Fundamental Reason for China to Slip Backwards in the recent centuries (近代中国落后的根本原因) is a hugely persuasive piece of writing crafted by someone pen named Yang Run Xi'an, which reveals a truth that many serious researchers have already known for ages but the general Chinese public was prevented from knowing by some nasty descendents of colonial Manchu tribesmen and their native affiliates.

Since the modernization movement herald by Xinhai Revolution 100 years ago, China's mainstream intellectual community has blamed on Chinese culture for causing China to lag behind the world in the recent centuries, and advocated to replace the native Chinese civilization with that of the West.

But the truth is the authentic Chinese culture only exists fragmentally following the demise of the last Chinese dynasty the Ming. What we call the Chinese civilization today is seriously contaminated with crude and cruel Manchu tradition originated in bleak Siberia and enriched through their experience of looting and killing along the way from Korean peninsula to the northeast corner of China.

In the middle of the 17th century, when the Ming was significantly weakened by severe natural disasters and deadly internal conflicts, the militant horsemen seized the opportunity. These flesh killing machines were initially introduced into the capital by one warring faction to fight against the other, and with the help of the local collaborators, the blood-thirsty aliens controlled the Middle Kingdom and replaced the highly sophisticated civil system with their backward slavery rule. More than half of the local populations were systematically massacred, and the 98% of native survivors were forced to live under apartheid regime.

As a casually assembled bandit group, Manchus had barely crawled out of their stone age existence. For being able to maintain their ruling position over a culturally, economically and militarily well-advanced people, Manchu court made studying anything that they couldn't understand as criminal offence, with the subjects covering astronomy, music and mathematics. Daoist and martial arts activities were also strictly prohibited. Over 700,000 books, most of which related to history, science and technology, were burned, and many skills were lost forever, that effectively set Chinese civilization back thousands of years.

But how could this small group of coarse aliens be able to beat a well-established giant nation hollow? The former US ambassador to China knows it. "We should be reaching out to our allies and constituencies within China ... And they are bringing about change, the likes of which is gonna take China down, while we have an opportunity to go up and win back our economic." And the current US amasser to China also knows it and further puts the knowledge to practice by reaching out to his local allies and constituencies from Beijing airport, from Chongqing noodle shop and from Guangdong graveyard ...

So, we strongly recommend this article to you. Let history be the guide and then you shall know what to do if you want to help or stop China's rise.


近代中国落后的根本原因,是我们失去了儒道精神,而不是宣扬儒道造成的。这种失去,是满清造成的。为了维护统治,满清费尽心思地破坏中华固有的文化、思想 和科技。并且将愚昧和麻木植入我们的民族。手段高明得难以想象。以至于,几百年后的今天,我们仍固执的认为落后来自于文化,而不是满清。孔子也成了满清的 替罪羊。悲哉。


















了解一下康乾盛世的真相。 康熙前面的,实在没什么可说。除了杀还是杀。咱们就从康熙开始。

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散仙甲 (


《四库全书》名义上是为了综合古今典籍,实际上是对中华文化的一次彻底的清洗...... 欲灭其国,先去其史。满清对中华文化进行的彻底而细致的清洗与篡改,为的就是不让明朝的真实记录留传下来。




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