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If You Are So Afraid of the Winter in the Mideast, Wait to See What Will Bring When the Spring Comes to America
America Congress Faces Arab Spring with American twist

21 January 2012

“You don’t represent 99 percent of the country!”
“No Masters, no Congress, no State!”
“Fxxk McCongress!”

Above are the messages to the US law makers from the US Autumn movement - American version of Arab Spring. On January 17, 2012, the 4 month anniversary of #OWS, the occupiers occupied the US Congress, which forced the government to deny access to White House for an house or so.

‘Occupy Congress’ occupying Capitol Hill

With the passing of the National Defence Authorization Act bill that gravely violate the fundamental rights of the US citizens, and the further attempt made by the Congress to pass the online censorship bill (SOPA) that is designed to silence the political dissents against the corporations and the government in the name of anti-piracy, America is fast racing towards a police state and its human rights situation is getting worse by the day.

Yet the people keep fighting back. The demonstrations and occupations in the United States can be observed almost on a daily basis, some small, but some large, some peaceful, but some violent (the result of government brutal crackdown), including the blockading or the sit down on the Wall Street and on the Capitol Hill in New York, in Washington and across the entire country, over confiscation of properties, over the widening gap between the rich and the poor, over America's never ending wars, and over the shortage of job opportunities and social security.

So we do believe that there is an increased frustration among American people over the coperations, over corruption, over lack of transparency, and over the issues that affect them on a daily basis, and there is a growing power of American people in the occupation movement that demands the change of American system.

Thus there are calls since September last year for an Arab Spring style civil revolt, and the demonstrations and strikes are expected to regain their momentum when spring comes to America. We think, if anything that is very significant happening internally, or externally, any type of major upheaval as we saw in Libya, in Egypt, in Yemen, in former Yugoslavia is possible to repeat in the United States.

Though at the moment in the minority, some Congress Occupiers have publicly expressed their desire to bury the US political system all together. One man said he wanted to burn his voter registration card.

Therefore, US regime’s recent crackdown on OWS movement is not a product of Arab Spring paranoia, but a realistic assessment of America's true internal political, social and economic situation. The most in the Congress have clearly realised the wild fire of civil unrest they lit in Mideast is now out of their control and will, without question whatsoever, backfire on them. And we happen to the think that the States as an United entity could be destined for the ash heap of history because by now it is not an empire of virtues, unless the fundamental political, social and economical reforms are taking place soon, and very soon.

It's quite clear that since the 9.11 event in 2001, there's been a greater intolerance of dissent, and the human rights record of the United States has been going in the wrong direction.

Thus we do have a lot of concerns about US regime's record on human rights within the United States and its willingness to make America a truly open society.

But let's just say that there's a growing ability within the people of the United States to still talk about these things using social media, the Internet. And while the US Congress tries hard to censor and limit and block a lot of these activities and discussions, the people themselves are generally one step ahead. And they may come up with some genius ideas to get around the censorship. And we are confident that US law makers will not be able to silence the American public with SOPA or NDAA bills.

As for US regime's international policy, nowadays any being slightly more honest nd observant than a donkey would admit that the way in which it operates does pose concerns to the world community, whether its invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, or its war preparation against Iran. We would like to remind NPP winner Barack Obama, that the days when the problems with US economy could expect to be fixed through war are gone. It's time for America to play by the international rules, including the international trading system, which the 1% in the US have set up and profited so much so long.

By now, the Obama Government keeps sending warships to the Mideast and to Asia, thus a huge question mark is drawn by 99% of people all around the world and 99% of governments all around the globe, as to what the true intentions of America's ruling 1% are. Are they going to develop a new Roman Empire or a neo-Nazi regime? If so, can we just sit and wait to see how the human civilization is reduced into the ash heap of history by the vicious war mongers who seem to be the nasty reincanation of the red wolves who once roamed and man-hunted throughout Southeastern United States?

More about occupy Congress at


America's 99% movement occupied the US Congress and told the representatives of the 1% fat cats and war mongers:


Whom should I vote 4? None of them is any good!

What Chinese Say



儿: 爸我没看上你给我找那俩男地,我看上邻居家小芬儿了。爸你拿辣椒水喷我干啥?!爸?!

Father: Hi son, your grandfather, your grandmother, your uncles, your aunties, your mother and I have pre-selected two girls as the candidates of your girlfriend. Now you've got a democratic rights to have a final say in terms of which one you like to spend your next four years with.

Son: Dad, I like neither of them. I'm in love with the girl next door... Hi dad, why you spray me with pepper water? Dad?!

不沉默的大多数 :


If the man and the woman are both nice, no matter how they come together, they'll be a happy couple; if the man and the woman are both nasty, even they fall in love at first sight, they'll end up in tears.

What Chinese Say

What Chinese Say about Gary Locke, the current US Ambassador to China:


US Congress: It doesn't matter whether the fat cat is white, black or yellow, as long as it catches and kills and cooks fish for us and our boss, it's a good cat.


Gary Locke: I have a lot of concerns about those yellow Chinks! BTW, I'm snow white, and nobody in my family is stained with yellow, we are all pure, thus my family represents America's White value.


Baby: Boy, Gary Locke thinks he's white, which makes me feel so pale .... faint.

Read what Chinese say about Gary Locke, the US Ambassador to China:



He makes me sick. He comes here and works hard to take down China, is it because he believes that if China is finished, he and his extended family could go away with the huge debt they owe to a Chinese factory in Ningbo?



What a show of traveling by economic class. US Congress refuses to pay membership fees to the UN, US Government refuses to pay its debt to China, US ambassador refuses to pay what his family has owed to a Chinese factory. Nowadays, to God we lend!

[Multipletext: And then this guy talked about how many Chinese survive on less than 1 dollar a day - does he realise he and his family are part of the reason that after so many years of hard work there are still so many Chinese living in poverty as he described or alleged?]







I'm a journalist in Ningbo and I'm willing to testify that what Ningbo Lighting factory accused of Gary Locke and his family is all true.

Ambassador Locke, when you attend luxury state banquet, do you feel sorry for the factory owner couple who now have to sell their house to help their workers to feed their families?

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