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Hard Evidence: Why China, Iran & Russia's Putin are the Threats to the Global Peace

31 January 2012

It is because China manipulated currency by keeping printing RMB that resulted massive debt and high inflation and job loss in the United States; it is because Iran imposes oil embargo on America that causes many people to be evicted from their homes and drives many banks to bankruptcy in the United States; it is because Vladimir Putin sent retired KGB agents to New York, to Washington and to Oakland and plotted #Occupy revolution in the United States; it is because Chinese military police worked with Oakland mayor and brutally cracked down the peaceful protesters; it is because Iran repeatedly flies drones over America that is literary provoking a total war; and it is because Vladimir Putin wants to rebuild a War-watch Treaty Organization to keep America's United World Under the United States plan in check.

Please watch the video to view more evidence in graphic presentation:

American Spring Arrives in Oakland on 28 January 2012!


Why American Dream Is Broken?

In the beginning, there were many Americans who slept on their bed in their home at the night, and dreamed, and dreamed American dreams. Then they were woken up in the middle of the dream by banks and evicted from their homes. And now they lived rough in parks and on squares in the biting cold condition, and they are unble to go back to sleep, so American dreams are broken, and may be broken forever.

So they woke up, and occupied a vacant building to turn it into a community centre to provide education, medical and housing services for themselves and others who have no decent bed to sleep in and to dream on. Police responded with tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbag rounds, mass arrests of 300.

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