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2012, Year of Dragon 

9 January 2012 


Year 2012 is stamped with the majestic Loong 龍, Chinese Dragon, the defender of the planetery civilization.

China's stamp collectors love this year's dragon design and queue up in freezing weather condition to purchase the new release.

A crowded stamp store


When China Dragon opened its teeth-missing mouth grinning widely in the west direction in 1988, it lost its clout, and by the time the snake year sneaked in, it found itself becoming the hostage to CIA and its local allies and constituencies who led the movement to occupy the dragon den, the Tiananmen Square, on the behalf of the eagle on the Capitol Hill.

Two dozen years have passed, and now the Capitalist Wall Street and Capitol Hill War Mongers decide to try the old trick again. But watch out, in 2012 China Dragon appears rather audacious with a mouthful of teeth (and fangs too!) and is squarely facing up to the world. It maybe have recalled its heavenly assigned mission on earth: to be the protector of Chinese nation, instead of being the pet of manchus, or Japanese, or Americans.


What Chinese Say



必须 ... 把社会效益放在首位 ... 有效引领社会思潮.

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