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Religious Freedom in America

25 September 2011

We believe there are at lease three people here.

While U.S. government panel accused China of violating religious (i.e. Christian) freedom by shutting down the underground family churches that in most cases are secretly funded and controlled by Christian fanatics from America and Vatican, U.S. regime does exactly the same at home.

According to the reports by and (an U.S. law firm), an American couple at Orange County, California, has recently been ordered to stop holding a Bible study in their home and were subsequently fined $300.

It is understood that the local legislation prohibits "a regular gathering of more than three people" without a conditional use permit granted by the authority.

The family church will face fines of $500 per meeting if they hold any further "religious gatherings" in their home, which means if more than three people from the family or neighbouring houses dare to sit together and read Bible again.

This is definitely something that Chinese government should learn from Americans in order to avoid violating religious freedom.

You can't violate something that is not even exist in the first place, can you.



Chinese say: Among three people walking together, there must be one who is good enough to be my teacher.

Americans say: Among three people sitting together, there must be one who is dangerous enough to be a terrorist.

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