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Wall Street Revolution (6)

25 September 2011

"Free Market My Ass''
That Has Resulted 1% Haves & 99% Have-nots


Becky Wartell traveled long way from Maine to New York to join the protest rally and explains to the media why she is against American system:

"I am a small business owner! What everybody's here protesting is that fact that 1% of the population controls so much wealth. We are the rest of society. We are the 99%."


Have you noticed a Chinese guy in the background holding a Chinese sign that read:


Peace, freedom, democracy;
Be compassionate, be reasonable, be legitimate.

Who is this guy recklessly promoting Chinese value to the Americans?

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2, Tiananmen Square 1989?
3, Libya Day of Rage?
4, The Whole World Is Watching
5, "Capitalism Isn't Working"
6, "Free Market My Ass"

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