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Wall Street Revolution (5)

25 September 2011

"Capitalism Isn't Working"
How Earl of Locksley Becomes Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest


Rebel leader Thorin Cristo explains why GreenWood Heroes want to flee to Water Margin:

"We are here because we know the time is running out, not only for Americans but for the entire world population."

The protest has morphed into a wide-ranging anti-capitalist demonstration that has attracted attention – and support – from around the world

Casey O'Neill had no regrets. He had travelled thousands of miles across the country – and gave up a well-paying job as a data manager in California – to sleep rough in a downtown Manhattan public square, enduring rain and increasingly chilly nights. Police keep a close eye on him every day.

he protest has attracted wide support and has a sophisticated social media operation. There is a live feed onto the internet and a huge presence on Twitter. Supporters around the world have even been sending in orders to a local pizza shop to keep the protesters fed. So much so, in fact, that some organisers have asked them to stop ordering pizza as they had more than they could eat. Now most help comes in the form of money or – most importantly – more people coming.

ne thing many of the protesters do know is their facts and figures. For every hippy talking about world peace or traveller wanting to heal the world, another will mention the exact tax rates that rich Americans pay, or that 20% of the US population now control 84% of the wealth. Or that the richest 400 families have the same net worth as the bottom 50% of the entire nation.





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