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Wall Street Revolution (3)

25 September 2011

It All Started Like This:
Libya Day of Rage?


Thanks NATO for imposing non-fly zone over this country and bombing the military police force that caused a policeman loyal to the regime to slip and fall on his way rushing to crack town the peaceful protesters - hehehee... However, as you can see in the video, the battles between the government forces and the rebels are not yet over, thus it is necessary for NATO to extend the air strike campaign against this authoritarian state ruled under dictatorship for another 180 days or so until the president is captured, dead or alive.

1, Cultural Revolution 1966?
2, Tiananmen Square 1989?
3, Libya Day of Rage?
4, The Whole World Is Watching
5, "Capitalism Isn't Working"
6, "Free Market My Ass"

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