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Wall Street Revolution (2)

25 September 2011

Tiananmen Square 1989?
Students Were Brutally Dragged Away by Police While Camping in the Square for a Month in Protesting Against the Corruption and Fat Cats; Tiananmen Mothers Rushed to the Aid of the Arrested and Condemned the Violent Crackdown by the Authorities


korgasmx (author of the video):

This video was taken Sept. 20, 2011 in Zuccotti Park - New York, NY. It is raw video -- no editing has occurred.


Humm, apparently this is a recent event, and the students and graduates, fresh or long time ago, only camped in the square for three days, not a month. What's more, it is not in Tiananmen, the Heavenly Peace Square in the heart of Chinese capital, but in the Liberty Square in Manhattan, which is equivalent to the Central Square in coastal city Shanghai's Huaihai Road. In this case, the camping shall create little disturbance to the nation's social order and have little power to shake the nation's political system. Then why on earth the authority has to remove the harmless outdoor living lovers from the premises in such a brutal manner? ... We can only shake our head in resignation: this is what police states usually do, they can't help it.

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