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Japanese Imperial Army Officers and Soldiers in Chinese Prison

28 September 2011

Japanese troops captured by Chinese armies in former "Manchukuo"

Japanese troops captured in Huabei

Japanese troops captured in Changsha Battle in Hunan Province, the hometown of later Chinese leader Mao Zedong and current Taiwan provincial chief Ma Ying-jeou.

Japanese troops captured in Songshan Battle

Chinese civilians sent captured Japanese officers and soldiers to authority

A Japanese top military officer was executed by Chinese soldier at Rain Flake Dais (雨花台) in Nanjing (南京), once (in fact 8 times) the capital of China.

The captured Japanese officers and soldiers lined up for roll call each morning at a Chinese military prison.

Japanese imperial army officials and soldiers were brought to a mass meeting in Shangrao (上饶), Jiangxi Province (江西), where they received Chinese people's anti aggression war lectures.

On the meeting the prisoners also received books and daily necessities that were designed to help these war criminals to learn how to be a civilized members of human community which they were never taught back home in Japan.

A re-education school for Japanese war criminals run by Chinese army.

Reformed Japanese officers and soldiers renounced their criminal past and determined to turn a new leaf.

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