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The Eight Banners that Are Soaked in Shame
- Questions to Ask on the 80th Anniversary of 9.18 Incident

18 September 2011

Four years after the deadly Tokyo earthquake in 1923 that caused 300,000 casualties, Japanese government called an East Conference, on which a decision to invade China and turn it into Japanese colony was made, and the first step was said to take over China's three provinces in the northeast region.

Four years after the conference, which was 80 years ago tonight, at the time around 10pm, Japanese Kwantung Army stationed in China's northeast took the action. They exploded a bomb on the Japanese-controlled South Manchurian Railway, a trophy Japan secured after it won a war against Russia (Can you understand the logic here? We can't. Only Qing-Manchurians with a primitive stone age brain and Japanese with a bloody beast culture would turn such a farcical scenario into reality). Japanese blamed the incident on Chinese force and used this as an excuse to attack the army base.

The Chinese force guarding the region was known as Northeast Army commanded by a local warlord loyal to Chang Kai-shek's Nationalist government in Nanjing, and the force was numbered at a massive 165,000 troops, while Japan's Kwantung Army only got less than 20,000 men. But it took just 10 hours for Japanese to claim Shenyang, and less than 6 months to occupy the entire Northeast region, which is a vast area with 1 million square kilometres. This incident signifies the beginning of Japan's the full scale invasion and occupation of China which have resulted the loss of at least 10 million Chinese lives.

How the wars in Shenyang and in the northeast were fought in such a lousy way by Chinese armies?

The answer is simple: because China's Northeast Army didn't fight, and because Manchu's Eight Banner tribes came to fight on the side of Japanese, which was why a brand new Manchukuo was soon established, figure headed by Manchu “emperor” Puyi.

There were Chinese who waged resistance wars against Japanese invasion, but they were mainly traveled to the region from other parts of China - very much like what happened during this year's memorial wall drama.

Today the three provinces sounded the most haunting sirens ever to mark the 80th anniversary of the great shame of the region and of China. It is understood that Shenyang, the city that has a strong Manchu presence and was first to fall into Japanese hands, started to sound alarm since 1995. But after heard this ear-deafening noise for seven times, guess what? In 2002 Shenyang erected a bronze statue to commemorate the No. 1 Japanese collaborator and war criminal, the fake Manchukuo emperor Puyi, while the alarms are kept sounding year after year.

Can you understand their logic? We can't. We can only say either these people are hypocrites or they suffer from a split personality.


Puyi was actually deposed from throne since 6, but he poses today in Shenyang as a teenager monarch, which shall tell a lot about some Manchurians' political aspiration, particularly the one who managed the project by then and headed the state-run central television by now.

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A Manchurian woman, migrated from Taiwan province to Japan and was once appointed as a top political advisor to Taiwan's president Chen Shuibian who is now serving his sentence for corruption, famously accused Chinese people on television of being ungrateful to Japanese:

China said Japan doesn't have to pay monetary compensation to Chinese victims of Japanese war crimes, but Japan used part of this money to invest in China and occasionally gave a small portion away as foreign aid, how generous Japanese are! Yet Chinese still object Japanese politicians to pay tribute to the war criminals of WWII at Yasukuni Shrine! Chinese are no doubt the most heartless people in the world!

爱腥觉落.没龄:[提到中国抗议日本参拜靖国牲舍时,此台独满逆现出一脸的愤慨] 日本帮了中国多少,中国真的是很没良心,太没良心了。











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About A Chinese TV Host:

冬蛇 (


汶川地震,当别的播音员含着眼泪在播放灾难场面的时候,他却乐不可支,又说又笑,不断地拿灾难来打趣,快意无比,真正让人觉得他已经远远超出了冷酷的范围。[深得铁木真真传,不愧弯弓射雕杀人狂的好子孙 - Multipletext]

这样一个人,却继续留着,只能说明他上边有人,有后台。[为伪满战犯头子溥仪立碑的人便是其中之一 - Multipletext]

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