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A Celestial Palace in Heaven

30 September 2011

Some people have already noticed that in the recent couple of years China has developed a new habit that is to set off fireworks to celebrate Chinese New Year and to send spaceships to mark the National Day. Tomorrow is the 62th anniversary of the PRC, and last night China's pre-fabricated mobile hotel named Celestial Palace I (Tiangong 1) arrived on the site located high above in the sky. The Palace is reportedly built according to the construction plan and specification designed to accommodate two to three multi-gendered earthbound mortals in near future.

While the Divine Vessel VII (Shenzhou 7) - China's first generation manned spaceship - only had a cabin area measuring 3.35 metres in length, the Celestial Palace is a five star hotel on comparison, which has a home office 10.4m long with the floor area of 15m2, that means the residents will not have to sleep side by side and face to face - the husband of a woman astronaut (whoever she may be) shall be quite satisfied with such living arrangement, we bet.

It was the Long March that hurled the Palace onto the heaven for a two-year trip, which is the 147th time this powerful carrier rocket successfully tossed a terrestrial object onto the celestial realm.

But the construction project for the Palace has not yet completed, and later this year a superhighway is scheduled to be built to link the vacant Celestial Palace and the empty Divine Vessel VIII that by now is still parking in its humble garage in China's remost west. If that infrastructure technology is successfully developed, by next year it is believed that two Chinese travelers will check into two brand new celestial motels respectively and will be able to visit each other through the highway whenever they feel lonely.

All these are understood to be part of the effort to build a permanent residence in the sky (they call it space station) in 2020.

China began its construction work on celestial building projects since 1990 and is the third country, after Russia and America, to offer accommodation for mortals touring the heaven.

Why is the land of Celestial Kinglessdom capable of marching towards the domain of heaven at such a fast pace? There is a secret. What's the secret? Here is the secret: to get its application to join the international space club based on the United States successfully rejected by U.S. ruling elites.

Do you know what we are talking about? Yes, you do.

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This is a China map appeared in China sky and captured by a casual sky watcher at around 1:30pm on 26 September 2011, three days before the "Beam Rising Ceremony" (上梁) for the heavenly building project - Celestial Palace I.

Who crafted this visual art? The heaven. Who else it can be.

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