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A 700-Year Old Ming Temple

21 September 2011

A few days ago in an ancient street of an ancient Stone Town (石镇) at Ten Thousand Year County (万年县) in Jiangxi Province (江西), an ancient temple built 700 years ago during the Ming Dynasty was discovered by the world outside.

What's truly magnificent about this piece of heritage is its authenticity. Most pre-Manchu Qing buildings were renovated during the Qing era (1644-1911), and stamped more or less with Manchu's peculiarity, which is characterized by the extravagance in decoration, especially in colour, and the contraction in structural style, particularly when the size and shape of brackets and eaves are concerned. But this temple has been maintained so well by the locals since it was built thus no restoration was needed therefore it has stayed faithful to its authentic Chinese style.

The temple was initially erected as a tribute to a pair of the local Robin Hoods who robbed the rich and mean to feed the poor and unfortunate:

loke ye do no husbonde harme
That tilleth with his ploughe.
No more ye shall no gode yeman
That walketh by gren-wode shawe;
Ne no knyght ne no squyer
That wol be a gode felawe *

The Chinese Robin Hoods were brothers surnamed Zhou and for seven long centuries, they were dearly remembered and deeply loved and frequently offered with incenses and fruits by the locals:

they were a good outlawe,
And dyde pore men moch god. *

This is the way a man, who sincerely care for those in need and bravely stand up to those being tyrannical and exploitive, can expect to live beyond his earthly existence.

But today some Chinese in China and some Chinese from America, would do all they can to curry favour with the rich and powerful, and bark viciously like a lapdog at the poor and powerless whenever they get an chance, even when they are their own people, by nationality or by blood.

During his visit to China in 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama turned down all requests by Chinese media to interview him, except Sow's Weekly (or something sounded similar). Since Mr. Obama is a man who also loves to present himself as reincarnated Robin Hood and is said going to order the rich to pay more taxes to help the poor to pay their medical bills, you'd think the only Chinese media he appreciates must be the one run by somebody like Little John or Will Scarlet who share Robin Hood's aspiration and want to be Sherwood Forest warriors or Greenwood Forest heroes (绿林好汉).

But are they really? Here is the latest quote from the Weekly's executive editor posted on weibo (Chinese twitter) on 18 September 2011, the 80th anniversary of Japan's invasion of China:

Today all Chinese young women should resist a love making request by your boyfriend or husband to show your spirit of resisting Japanese invasion.

The abbreviation for Japan in Chinese and Japanese (which is based on Chinese script) is 日, that also means sex.

You might say this man gets so low in taste, but the vulgarity is just a minor offence comparing to the gross insult he inflicted upon the people who fought against a fascist Japan in WWII, which include Chinese and include Russians and include Americans who actually dropped two nukes to force an unconditional surrender by Japanese monarch. Isn't it?

Yet the Weekly led by this man is President Obama's only darling media in China.

So we would like to kindly remind you, America's poor and unfortunate, Barack Obama might not really be U.S. version of Earl of Locksley, but Sheriff of Nottingham in disguise. Watch out, don't be fooled.

Oh, yes, the next question is who is the Chinese version of Sir Guy of Gisbourne who sent disgraced former knights from Red Yellow Spring Autumn and dismal Bright Western Gate from Sow's Weekly to assassinate the returning Chinese spirit and the emerging humanitarian consciousness?

Keep your eyes wide open!

*Source of verse: A Gest of Robyn Hode

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