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A Tombstone Drama (2)

6 August 2011

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Japanese colonists entered a city in China's northeast region. Take a good look at the clothes they wore and the tools they carried on their shoulder. Does anyone honestly believe they were just civilians?

This colour photo shall make it easier to discern these colonists' true nature.

A Japanese officer stabbed a blindfolded Chinese man alive as a way to practice his bayonet skill. Do you think there is any difference in appearance and in equipment between the colonists and the soldiers? And thus their subsequent behaviour?

A Japanese soldier impaled a Chinese toddler on the bayonet and lifted him in the air. Do you reckon the colonists' bayonets were just fitted to their rifles for decoration purpose?

These two Japanese army officers engaged in a fierce competition over who could kill more Chinese civilians.

The bodies of Chinese civilians were burned into charcoals by Japanese.

In terms of sheer number of and vivid details in the fictions portraying psychotic and cruel abuse and torture, no novels written in any other languages can match that in Japanese. The widespread tyranny in Japanese society demonstrates how seriously this culture falls short in the dimension of humanity, which resulted Japanese soldiers not only to feel guilty-free but totally enjoyed when had a chance to kill and mutilate and sometimes eat other human beings.

The colonists were mainly veteran soldiers. So you get the idea.

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