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A Tombstone Drama (1)

4 August 2011

The left is a tablet of Great Manchu Kingdom erected during the WWII. The farcical "kingdom" was headed by number one Manchu war criminal Puyi (the so-called "last emperor") but in name only, as by essence the kingdom was part of Japanese empire ruled under "emperor" Hirohito (also a war criminal but escaped his fate).

The right is a memorial wall (tombstone) tributed to Japanese colonists resettled in China's northeast region during the WWII as part of Japan's war strategy to conquer China. It was built quite recently by a Chinese government in the Chinese territory, which is the subject of the drama and the song.

Why those Chinese officials want to build a shrine for the armed invaders and robbers? Because they are not ordinary Chinese. They are unique. In short, they don't have a link to 5000-year old Chinese civilization - they are the descendants of the invaders and robbers.


It all started about 300 years ago when a hunting tribe called Manchu Tartar originated from far north in Siberian claimed the ownership of the Forbidden City and the entire Middle Kingdom. The female beings featured in the picture were the Manchurian empress dowager, empress and royal concubines in their typical pathetic appearance.

Although these people once controlled China, they regarded themselves not Chinese, but alien rulers, thus their conscience was completely trouble free when later they decided to help their former foe to break up the country they previously intended to defend. In 1935, "the last emperor" visited Tokyo to meet emperor Hirohito whom this Manchu scum called "adopted papa".

For turning China's northeast region into Japanese colony, Japan launched a resettlement program with a plan to migrate 5 million Japanese peasants to Manchu Kingdom. This Japanese general was the chief executive of the program.

The "Explore Regiments" were numbered at over 860 with a total of 330,000 colonists, of which most of the men were army veterans, and almost later all were re-enlisted for service or associated activities.

The "explorers" took over the farmland from the local peasants by force, and drove the original land owners to a designated concentration area where there were no clean water resources and the earth was too barren to grow any crops, consequently most died of disease and starvation. Chinese were also prohibited from consuming rice which was exclusively reserved for the Japanese colonists. One local recalled that a Chinese man he acquainted ate a bowl of rice else where, later when he vomited on a train and the trace of rice was detected by Japanese, he was immediately arrested and was never seen again.

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