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A Summer Story in Chongqing

31 August 2011

These are the photos taken by Chinese online identity 麻油三酥 and posted on

This soaring rocky hill, solid and straight like a warrior's backbone, is not a summit in Mt. Hua or Yellow Mountain, but part of China's newest super metropolis in the heart of China's west - Chongqing.

It is a land where the great benevolence is like water (上善若水) that is inclusive in distributing its benefit and is willing to flow to the lowest point where everyone tries to leave behind.

Which has nurtured a landscape that is serene and harmonious while full of life and vigour.

Yet winter lurks around and would return from time to time to delete vibrant colours and impose white terror.

However the resilient life force will not give up its right to survive and to flourish.

When the negative power of yin is in its strongest moment and on its full swing, it is also a time for its total decline. The positive force of yang is returning to the land.

Life and colour once again grace the verdant valley.

The spacious front platform of a village home accommodation set by the edge of a hill looks out across the busy valley towards the mountain range.

Hidden deep within dense mountains is a road snaking its way into a small township that serves as the administrative and commercial hub for the surrounding mountain villages.

A close-up view of the town centre with the buildings spreading on the both sides of a mountain stream.

Around the dotted human settlements is a world of wildness where horses are ambling freely.

Between the leafy bamboos, multi-raced chicken communities have a freedom to hold their outdoor parties on a daily basis.

The villagers cultivate organic vegetables to make spicy and refreshing Sichuan cuisine for their families and their guests.

A group of tourists return to a humble home accommodation to enjoy delicious meal prepared by the host family.

After meal, it's time for tea and reading and chess playing on a porch.

Occasionally, the villagers would entertain themselves and their guests with gongs, drums and folk songs.

The face of future Chongqing: A well-fed chubby boy and his sweet sister from a village family.

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What Chinese Say

About China's Disgraced Former Leader Hu Yaobang

雨夹雪 (

The problem with disgraced former leader Hu Yaobang, which resulted him to promote people - who later committed high treasons - onto important positions, might not simply be the lack of vision and ability. The cause behind could be much more complicated than it seems. After he was appointed to be in charge of the central CCP institution, the place became the breeding ground nurturing anti-constitution coup; after he was appointed to be in charge of the central discipline committee, the corruption spread nation wide; after he was appointed to be in charge of economic affairs, the mining accidents increased to a daily occurrence; after he was appointed to be in charge of ethnic affairs, Tibet and Xinjiang became restless ... ... Why was he unable to do even one thing right? Were they just innocent mistakes or in fact intentional deliberations?

如果胡耀邦仅仅是用人不当,提拔了许家屯、阮铭等一批大叛徒,也不是什么大事。谁没有犯过错误呢?问题是,胡耀邦一主管中央党校工作,中央党校就成了反共反社会主义的基地;胡耀邦一主管纪检工作,贪污腐败就在全国蔓延开来;胡耀邦一抓经济,“有水快流”就导致矿难频发;胡耀邦一抓民族工作,稳定多年的西藏、新疆就开始动荡了;胡耀邦好不容易把茅于轼平了反,茅于轼却说:“我是准确地被打成了右派,一点也不冤枉。” ……为什么胡耀邦干什么都干不好呢?这恐怕不仅仅是一个犯错误可以解释的。

阿飞 (

胡耀邦老部下亮剑了,叫嚣用联邦制肢解中国. 杜光和阮铭的表演让人们看清了胡家后人以及胡耀邦的老部下吹捧胡耀邦实质是继承“胡耀邦,胡乱邦,乱了西藏乱新疆”的遗志,用联邦制肢解中国并为给新版八国联军带路创造条件,梦想成为中国的叶利钦。

wcjxxhh (

小人得志做了儿皇胡说八道:毛主席社会主义革命等于零,一切从我们开始,有水快流 … 等都是他说的。

xixixi (




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