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Ancient Current Affairs:

18 August 2012

Time: 3,000BC - 200BC
Compiler: 龙吟 (contemporary)
Format: News report
Language: modern Chinese

1 - Pre Qin (in Modern Chinese)
2 - Manchu Emp. (Animation)
3 - Chronicle in Classic Melodic Verse
4 - CCP (in Post Modern Chinese)
5 - Five Men vs A Tablet (in Classic Chinese)

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Free Lesson on Chinese Language

Mr Gary Locke didn't make a positive impression on most Chinese with his self-introduction speech (except those self-loathing pack who suffer from serious masochism synonym). The main reason for his failure is of course due to the deceptive nature of the message he delivered, but we believe the language he used might also played a part. So we hope this little lesson can help His Excellency to learn how to address himself in Chinese to different people in different occasions during different times:


Below is an example of how to use self-pronoun :-(

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