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Land of Broken Promises (2)

16 August 2011

Here are some free online lessons and tutorials that we believe shall be a help to Gary Locke in his endeavour to better understand the values of the promising American political products that he is currently promoting in China as U.S. ambassador:

American Value
in Religion

American Value
in Law

American Value
in Today's Reality
When You Are a Servant to a White American

American Value
in War
The Pentagon's New China War Plan - Despite budget woes, the military is preparing for a conflict with China

by Stephen Glain

This summer, despite America’s continuing financial crisis, the Pentagon is effectively considering trading two military quagmires for the possibility of a third. Reducing its commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan as it refocuses on Asia, Washington is not so much withdrawing forces from the Persian Gulf as it is redeploying them for a prospective war with its largest creditor, China.

According to the defense trade press, Pentagon officials are seeking ways to adapt a concept known as AirSea Battle specifically for China, debunking rote claims from Washington that it has no plans to thwart its emerging Asian rival. A recent article in Inside the Pentagon reported that a small group of U.S. Navy officers known as the China Integration Team "is hard at work applying the lessons of [AirSea Battle] to a potential conflict with China." Full story at

American Value
in Freedom
The Freedom-Seekers America Ignores

Once again Israel is doing its utmost to block Palestinian aspirations for self-determination, unleashing its diplomats in order to obstruct Palestinian efforts to secure some semblance of statehood and freedom at the United Nations this September. Meanwhile, the U.S. and other powers have nothing meaningful to add to this debate except to support Israel's sabotage. Such a predicament is nothing new for the Palestinians. More at

Land of Broken Promise (1) - The Promises Made by an Ambassador
Land of Broken Promise (2) - The Reality back at Home
Land of Broken Promise (3) - What Chinese Say (中文)

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American Value
in Politics

American Value
in Race

- American President, please stop making promises that you are not going to keep!

- What do you expect? American promise is devalued along with American dollar.

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