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Land of Broken Promises (1)

16 August 2011

Garry Locke, America's new ambassador to China, arrived in Beijing and held a media conference on Sunday, 14 August 2011, the day of China's Ghost Festival. In his speech, he made the following statement: "My parents, my wife, our children – we all personally represent America and America’s promise as a land of freedom, equality, and opportunity.” It is this statement that almost canceled out the positive effect on his targeted Chinese audience he generated through his low key entry to Chinese capital.

First of all, he should not assume that because he doesn't know his ancestral language, there would be no one in his ancestral land understanding the language of his adopted land thus would remain ignorant about the content of the America's promise.

Secondly, for what America's ruling elite class has done to its people, and has done to the people abroad, in terms of the war in Iraq in Afghanistan in Libya, of the torture of the POWs and the civilians, of the financial disasters it brought to U.S. to Europe and to the rest of the world, and of much more, you'll have to be really brave (so you have the cheek to fabricate the story) or truly coward (hence you have no courage to acknowledge the reality) to make the above statement.

Therefore it's no surprise that he has been mob-bashed in Chinese cyber space.

Gerry Locke is an ethnic Chinese living overseas and holds a passport issued by a country other than China, and many of his online critics are also ethnic Chinese living overseas with some holding a passport issued by a country other than China. But there are obvious differences between them.

Firstly, while Mr. Locke neither demonstrates an innate ability for language acquisition, nor does he display a keen urge to makeup for his shortcomings through study, many of his critics have necessary skills to swing easily between different cultures and make in-depth comparison.

Then with his age, Mr. Locke must have personally witnessed or even experienced racial discrimination against his parents, his family and his people which may leave some psychological scars that make him either very daring or over timid; when it couples with the fact that he came from a household with a legacy of being the servants of the Whites, it is possible that the tendency of being too eager to please his White political masters and too ready to brutalise others whom he regards as inferior to his boss becomes his second nature. On the other hand, his critics who mainly grew up in an independent PRC have no such emotional burdens.

And here we present an English summery of some comments published on, a website frequented by overseas Chinese scholars.

At the time when America finds itself in the troubled water economically, Obama must have hoped to get someone in China helping him to ease the strained relationship between the two countries in order to improve America's global financial position.

Sadly, this Chinese-American is too dummy to comprehend what he is rally expected to do.

He could conduct self-introduction in a quite differently way. For instance, he could spend sometime to learn a few Chinese phrases, and say to Chinese: Look, I'm working for America and I have no choice but to defend American interest, which is my official responsibility, please understand my position. If he said something like this, later on when he fights against China (and does so according to the rules), Chinese people may still respect his stance. But instead this fool came to put on a face as somebody with a set of values superior to the host nation and adopt an attitude that is utterly condescending and patronizing. Obviously, he is not fit to work as a diplomat.

His problem is of trying too hard to be just like a typical mainstream White American and being over enthusiastic about selling their values that he may not even fully understand. It seems the servant mentality is deeply embedded in his DNA that makes him all too willing to act tough on those whom his masters dislike, particularly when they happen to be his own people so as to show his masters he is not one of them. This bumpkin will soon prove himself to be a liability for Sino-American relationship, which will reflect badly on Obama's political judgment.

After all, what a snobbish and shallow man like Locke knows about the promise of the Chinese civilization? It is about the universal humanity, about not to hurt other nations for China's own benefit, about treating all human races as equal, about making social and economic progress not at the expenses of other countries, and about helping all people in the world to advance together. This is clearly in stark contrast to America's exploitative and crusading approach, which is driven by selfishness and is inevitably confrontational.

In the previous centuries, what Chinese people had suffered at the hands of alien invaders is horrendous. Tens of millions of civilians were slaughtered; China won the WWI and WWII but was penalized in both occasions. But still, there were so many national giants who stood up fighting hard battles to save China from disintegration, which eventually saw the ancient nation regain its foothold in the world. During the past 60 years, in particular, Chinese people rebuilt the entire country virtually from scratch, and China's GDP increased from 30 billion USD in 1952 to 6,000 billion USD 2010. You cannot find such heroic national endeavour story anywhere else in the world, and all this is due to China's wise and enduring cultural value. But now this man thinks he can come to rubbish it and to tread on the body of his ancestral nation to advance his political career in America. What a spiteful erguizi he is.

Locke family came from a backward rural area in Guangdong province. When in America, for most of the time they were dwelling at the margin of the American society. As the second generation Chinese migrant, he may well be like most Americans who think China is just an enlarged version of Chinatown.

Now the first episode of his soap-opera has attracted many bad reviews, thanks to his ignorance and arrogance. The last chance for him to save the situation might be to get himself enrolled in a Beijing primary school and learn Chinese language and history. If he can utilize his limited time in China to contribute positively to China's progress in whichever way, the Locke clan may still be able to feel proud of him.

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Baby's Value
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We are honoured to present to Mr. Gary Locke, American ambassador to China, a free Chinese-language course. This is the first lesson: A baby visited a museum and noticed a woman with bare breasts. The scene confused him greatly. Learn Chinese to find out how the baby handles the temptation and what action he takes in response to the challenge.



(14 August 2011, lunar 15 July, the ghost festival day)




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