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Do to Others What You Want Others Do to You

12 August 2012

Britain's BBC has done great service to Chinese during Lhasa and Urumqi riots in a manner that was highly initiative and creative, and Chinese, as a people deeply embedded with an unshakable faith in the karmic force, believe they owe Britons a favour which should be repaid when an opportunity arises. And now some of them reckon such time is coming and below is part of the online presentation prepared by CBB (Chinese Bash BBC) which we found exhibits same degree of initiation and creativity as that of BBC. The individuals who contributed to the presentation include the following identities from, and 秋天的草木, wang_xin2075, 穆萨 and ask2000.

Disclaimer by CBB:

The report is sent through a cell phone by a British guy to his Chinese friend who once studied in Britain and is the brother-in-law of a man who is the nephew of a granny living next door to the chap who started this message thread. The connection of the phone is down and the whereabouts of this British guy is unknown.


今夜 我们都是英国人

The materials presented here are all from reliable sources, however, CBB is unable to verify the report independently! But we do welcome BBC, CNN and CCTV to republish and redistribute these materials.


August 8, south London, a policeman refuses to let a couple enter the street to search for their child missing during the August 6 protest.


August 8, in north London, a jewellery store was looted over night. A police officer was captured on camera as he slipped out of the store after collected some valuables.


[Multipletext: We resolutely reject the spiteful claim against the officer, but we think it is not CBB but BBC to blame, as BBC owns the copyright of willfully mislabeling photos]

A chopper is sent in to help crackdown the protest?


A lone British young man stops the advance of a wall of military police force before City Hall on the night of violent protest. This photo is expected to become one of the most famous images of 21st century, and an international symbol at the end of the Anglosphere era.


This is how British police deal with bare handed people engaged in protest.


In London CBD which is under police control, a woman is ordered to strip herself naked before being allowed to enter the area.


This man is also ordered by undercover officer to take off him clothes.


More comments by CBB:


I demand to know why the West failed to probe British problem according to Libya model. Why so far there are no jets deployed for air striking British troops?



I strongly condemn British government that shows serious contempt for human rights. It is time to setup no-fly zone in London, to airdrop weapons to British rebels, to impose arms embargo on Britain and to freeze the overseas assets of British government.

We also call for an independent inquiry into the incident and an immediate reform of British political system.




I urge international criminal court to issue arrest warrant for British Prime Minister David Cameron for his brutal crackdown of the violent dissidents.


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