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Heroes' Return

6 August 2011

Here are some online comments left by Chinese Internet users on over the five Chinese men's brave attempt to trash a memorial wall that enshrines Japanese colonists:


The county government official who rushed to the scene said "I don't know what to say. I'll have to report to my boss. It's not a decision that I can make - only the higher authority can determine what to do next." And she also declared that "this incident has already hurt China's friendly tie with Japan."

See that? She not only implied they have someone in a high office, but accused Chinese netizens of the crime of sabotaging the bilateral relationship with Japan.

Has China's government defected to the other side en masse? That would be a very serious situation.

随后赶来的方正县县委宣传部副部长郁风华并未否定纪念碑被污毁,但她同时表示“至于是什么事,我也不好说,我们要上报,事实怎么说,也不是我所能决定的,由上级来决定是怎么回事。” 她称此事件“已经升级到中日两国关系问题。”




Clearly to the collaborators in the government Japanese opinion carries more weight than that of Chinese people.



Good on Japan. Now you know where to go if the island sinks into the bottom of the ocean. That county will be your new colony.



The Manchu remnants and Japanese collaborators are very active in the northeast. Many of them are longing to drag a pigtail behind their back and to live a life as flunky or concubine of the rich and the powerful.



Deng Xiaoping's cat theory leads many people to think it's okay to disregard the principles and that has contributed hugely to the formation of today's undignified national spirit.


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in Manchurian-Japanese Garden

Japanese criminal colonists' memorial wall was torn down by the county government in China's northeast last week. Local Chinese lit ten thousand firecrackers to celebrate the first victory in an apparent long battle against the remnants of the Manchukow, the collaborators of foreign invasion, who are rampant in China's northeast region, in China's capital, in China's state-run central television station and in China's Forbidden City. So far, the government is yet to bring those, who ordered to erect the wall and force all shops in the county to display signs in Japanese language as well, to face justice.

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