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Five Chinese Men

4 August 2011

It was 1941. With the help of their Manchu collaborators, Japanese had China's northeast region firmly under their control and from there they were able to further expand their military presence to the most part of China, including the Mt Wolf Teeth in Hebei Province near Beijing.

During a Japanese army's moop-up operation in the mountain area, five Chinese soldiers provided the covering fire for the resistance force and the local civilians. They successfully led the Japanese troops to a cliff peak. When the outraged Japanese realised they were tricked and demanded them to surrender, the five Chinese warriors simply jumped off the cliff.

This was 3 August 2011. With the help of their Manchu collaborators, Japanese returned to China's northeast region to honour their China-colonization pioneers at a shrine exclusively reserved for Japanese nationals, which means the local Chinese were prohibited from entering the premises.

When Chinese public learned the news revealed by a Japanese newspaper, all dignified folks in China feel outraged, with one man declared online that he would go to destroy the shrine if the local government failed to take it down before 4 August. But some people acted even faster. On 3 August, five Chinese men from Hunan, Jiangxi, Heman and Hebei provinces entered the forbidden garden and spread the memorial wall with red paint.

They were immediately arrested by the local police and injured on the process and then expelled from that particular region that once was called Manchu Kingdom by Manchu collaborators and their Japanese masters.

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