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Unidentified Circles in China

23 August 2011

Circles in Desert

The little cottages with colourful rooftops are home accommodations catering for the tourists traveling to China's great west in Qinghai Province where the meadow is greener, the sky is bluer and the rape flowers are in more brilliant yellow than anywhere else.

(Photo credit to 王颂 - 新华社)

But Qinghai has another face: a dull and harsh desert landscape.

Yet a few days ago, something rather interesting occurred in the middle of the dreary desert. You may think it is another motorway amazingly constructed by ingenious Chinese villagers. Regrettably, this is not the case. First, there are no human settlements around the area; second, it is not a road since it leads to nowhere; and third, it popped up overnight. Who can build a project in such scale in the middle of the desert in just one night? Not even Chinese villagers!

This is an aerial view of the image with the diameter measuring 2,000 metres.

Circle in China Sky

Shanghai was reportedly spied on by an unidentified flying object.

A few days ago (20 August), a giant illuminating glob was witnessed by a dozen Chinese pilots in the sky 17,000m above city of Shanghai.

The brilliant circle, which is hundreds times brighter than the moon with a diameter reaching 50 nautical miles, appeared in the heaven at 9pm and stayed there for about 20 minutes before slowly faded into the night scene.

Chinese astronomer Wang Sichao (王思潮) from Zijinshan Observatory in Nanjing said when interviewed by media that he doesn't believe it could be a man-made flying object.

The mysterious circle was also observed by people in Beijing and the photo was taken from Yanshan observatory in the outskirts of Beijing.

(Photo credit to 果壳)

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